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University of Africa Lusaka Zambia,We are committed to improving services to students, making it more user-friendly, more enjoyable and more affordable.

University of  Africa  Lusaka  Zambia(UA) is a Private Open Distance-Learning Tertiary Institution with a rapidly growing student base and an expanding portfolio of study programmes and degrees being offered. Currently these programmes include Bachelor’s Degrees in Business Administration; Commerce; Economics; Health Service Administration; Human Resource Management; Law; Logistics and Transport; Marketing; Public Administration; Tourism and many more.A process is currently underway to make all our courses available online as part of our e-learning initiative.

The vision of the University of Africa (UA) is to become the leading provider of quality distance education throughout Sub-Saharan Africa and beyond. We currently have more than 2000 students from Zambia, Zimbabwe, Uganda, South Africa and the Democratic Republic of the Congo and we are looking forward to welcoming students from Nigeria and Kenya soon. Contact your nearest campus here.

As a pan-African university, our passion is to respond to the actual and realistic needs of students who want to empower themselves, and through empowering themselves, contribute to wealth creation – for themselves, their families, communities and countries. We want to achieve this through

  • Flexible Administration
  • Academic Integrity
  • Service Excellence
  • The innovative use of social and technical media.

We are proud to have joined forces with the Central African Correspondence College (CACC), the oldest private distance learning institution in Zambia (established in 1965). This makes the University of Africa Zambia, based in Lusaka and accredited by the Zambian Ministry of Education, Science, Vocational Training and Early Education (certificate number UA/LSKR/39/26), our biggest operation currently.

Why UA?
 University of Africa Lusaka Zambia   – Register as you go – start your studies at any time during the year.

Students at the University of Africa can register at any time of the semester or year – whenever it suits them, depending on their personal circumstances. This means that if issues such as finances, work pressures or family issues prevent students from registering, they do not need to wait until the following year January to register, but can register and start studying as soon as they are ready.

University of Africa Lusaka Zambia  -Pay as you go – students progress as and when they have funds available.

The University of Africa’s philosophy is that a student can rather progress at a slower pace, as their finances allow, than not have the opportunity to study at all. For this reason, the UA has structured its offering in the following way: Students are allowed more time to complete their studies. This means that if a student experiences a lack of funds, he or she can put their studies on hold until they have sufficient funds available. Students pay their studies at various milestones during the semester, so a lump sum is not required at only one or two points. This spreads the expenses out over the semester. There are four exam opportunities in the year. This allows students to take a break for financial and other reasons, without losing too much study time.

University of Africa Lusaka Zambia  -Lower study cost – Distance Learning allows very competitive pricing.

Due to the unique intrinsic features of Open Distance Learning, such as fewer personnel hours spent, much smaller campuses to maintain etc., the University of Africa is able to offer affordable education at very competitive rates.

University of Africa Lusaka Zambia  – Earn as you learn – students can continue working while studying

Instead of relying on scholarships, loans and/or family and community commitments, the University of Africa allows you to study whilst earning an income. Two further advantages of studying while working are: You can start building a career You can apply your learning at your workplace – both you and the workplace will benefit from this The UA has four examination opportunities during the year. This means that if work pressures prevent you from studying at a specific time, you can opt for the next exam opportunity.

University of Africa Lusaka Zambia   – Virtual Library – frequently updated and accessible from anywhere

The University of Africa offers a wide range of text books, research articles and other supporting information sources from across the globe via our Electronic Resource Centre or eLibrary. The benefits of having the different books available in electronic format are: No limitations on the number of copies in the library; the saving on purchasing of costly books and the ability to selectively download some portions of materials.

University of Africa Lusaka Zambia–  Study from anywhere – even when you move.

Through the UA distance learning programmes, a student can take up a job anywhere or relocate for other reasons without interrupting his or her studies – even across borders. This ensures continuity of effort and saves on registration and tuition fees at new institutions.

University of Africa Lusaka Zambia –    Utilisation of electronic and mobile technology – Quick and easy communication and material distribution.

Students will soon be able to communicate with administrators and lecturers using electronic and mobile applications. This includes receiving materials and information. This will save time and money.

University of Africa Lusaka Zambia –   Progress at your own pace through flexible timetables.

At the University of Africa, each student can progress at his or her own pace. Multiple examination sessions facilitate progress without compromising quality. Whatever the reason for studying at a different pace – be it time, financial means, ability, work pressures or personal circumstances – a student can now determine and maintain his or her own pace.


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PLOT 2982
P.O BOX  35440

Telephone No(s):

+260 (0) 211 230 812

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