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Northrise University School of Nursing, Explore our faculties to find the right field of study for you or learn more about the undergraduate and graduate studies to discover and explore the broad foundation of knowledge. With five faculties – Northrise Business School (NBS), Center for Information and Communication Technologies (CICT), Faculty of Theology (FOT), Faculty of Law (FOL) and the Faculty of Health and Social Sciences (FHSS) – Northrise University offers you have a wide spectrum of disciplines to choose from.


Faculty of Health and Social Sciences(FHSS)

faculty description 

Northrise University is proud to announce the official opening of a new satellite campus in Solwezi, Zambia, which will offer a nursing degree. Solwezi is located about 300 miles northwest of the main Northrise campus in Ndola, and is the home of a division of First Quantum Minerals (FQM), a large mining company. The genesis of this nursing school  is yet another evidence of the hand of God at work, which has been so apparent throughout the Northrise story.  FQM was in need of qualified nurses to offer primary health care to benefit the communities  surrounding their operations. The FQM group health coordinator, Anna Paschal, was therefore in search of  a university with whom they could  partner, who would educate the nurses to address the need and get them ready to populate the nearby hospitals and clinics.

FQM has hired Northrise graduates in the past and have been very pleased with their level of knowledge, integrity and work ethic. Therefore, when the need for an institution reputable enough to adequately educate the nurses arose, she approached  Dr. Zimba and asked if Northrise would be willing partner. Northrise had plans to open a school of nursing in six years, and considered this offer to open immediately a provision of God. The partnership allows that FQM will provide the facility at the Kansashi Health Campus in Solwezi, and Northrise University, who will in turn partner with  Baylor University for support, will educate the nurses. Thanks be to God!


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Contact Northrise University School of Nursing

Mailing Address Physical Address General Info
Main Campus:
Northrise University – P.O. Box 240271 • Ndola • ZambiaSolwezi Campus:
Northrise University – Mary Begg (Kansanshi Mine) Clinic • Mushitala • Solwezi
Main Campus:
30029 Kitwe-Ndola Dual Carriage Highway • NdolaDowntown Campus:
1098 Buteko Avenue • Caravelle House • NdolaSolwezi Campus:
Opposite Mary Begg (Kansanshi Mine) Clinic • Mushitala • Solwezi
Main Campus:
Land-line 1: (+260) 212 622 195
Land-line 2: (+260) 212 622 196Solwezi Campus:
Mobile-line 1: (+260) 212 622 195
Mobile-line 2: (+260) 212 622

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