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Northrise Univesity

Our Vision –Northrise University Ndola Zambia

To be a model of excellence for teaching and learning; a learner-centered academic community that challenges, advances knowledge and improves the economic well-being, quality of life and spiritual vitality of its students and staff. There are four Strategic Imperatives to our vision:

  • Construct Campus facilities to enable moving onto the land and educating more students. Our goal is to have 2,000 students.
  • Build out Northrise Farm to achieve sustainable operations for the university
  • Develop and maintain a world class faculty
  • Create a spirit of discipleship among the NU community, where love is felt and hard work is seen and rewarded

As a center of academic excellence NU aims to:

  • Enhance its position as one of Zambia’s research and teaching universities and to measure its performance against the highest international standards
  • Provide the highest quality learning and teaching environment for the greater well-being of its students and deliver a comprehensive and community-required educational portfolio
  • Produce graduates fully equipped to achieve the highest personal and professional standards
  • Make a significant, sustainable and socially responsible contribution to Zambia and the world, promoting health, economic, and cultural well-being

Our Roots –Northrise University Ndola Zambia

Northrise University was founded in January 2004. The vision was conceived in 1988 through the experiences of its founders Dr. Moffat and Mrs. Doreen Zimba. Born in Zambia, both suffered from the lack of educational opportunities. In faith the Zimbas left Zambia to attend a Bible college in Australia. Upon completion, God called them to Southern California where Dr. Zimba received his Doctorate from Fuller Theological Seminary and Mrs. Zimba received her MBA in Technology Management from the University of Phoenix.

While on this educational journey, God strengthened their vision of starting a school in Zambia. Over time, He nourished their desire to impact the living conditions of Zambians through higher education. Thus the concept of Northrise University, an institution that empowers Zambians by providing an education that nourishes and develops the spiritual and economic capacity of the Zambian people, was initiated.

Their passion for the Northrise vision, their faith, and above all God’s guidance, brought other people to the vision, and support groups were founded in Australia, the United States, and in Zambia. Many people brought intellectual and financial resources, prayer and commitment to the project, and in January 2004 the vision of Dr. Moffat and Mrs. Doreen Zimba was realized.

Northrise University is the first nationally recognized private university in Zambia and today it is a fully functioning university, empowering its students daily with the skills to succeed in the workplace while living Christ-centered lives.

Historical Timeline-Northrise University Ndola Zambia

The graphic below provides a history of events beginning with the Zimbas’ vision through the end of the next decade.


Future Plans

In 2014, Northrise University celebrated 10 years since its founding with 50 students attending classes in a 5 story office building purchased in downtown Ndola, Zambia. After applying to the Zambian government for 30 acres of land, and because the government was impressed with its vision and quality, it granted the University a new 640 acre site. Since that time, the University has launched Northrise Farms on a portion of the property, along with NUCare medical clinic, 200 student classroom building, one staff duplex unit and a 56 bed student dormitory along with perimeter fencing.

With a strong foundation and clear mission, Northrise University is moving forward in expanding opportunities for offering a world class education to the people of Zambia and surrounding countries by constructing the Campus Center Building to finally provide a central location for all of Northrise University programs. The Campus Center is scheduled to open in June 2016.


The $15 Million Capital Project has three phases:

PHASE ONE: Campus Infrastructure & Campus Center – $5 Million
Phase 1 features construction of what will become the focal point of the Northrise campus: a multi-purpose Campus Center building. Concurrently, the permanent infrastructure including roads, electrical, water/sewer and the IT framework will be constructed.

PHASE TWO: Student Center, Student Dormitory, Faculty Housing Units $5 Million
Highlight of phase 2 is the construction of a dedicated Student Center which will become the hub of student activity across the campus. The second student dormitory housing 100 students is also scheduled for construction in Phase 2, along with two additional faculty duplexes.

PHASE THREE: Convocation Center, Student Dormitory, Faculty Housing Units and Lodge $5 Million
In Phase 3, the Northrise University Convocation Hall will be built. A state-of-the-art facility with capacity to seat 1,500 – 2,000 equipped to stage community events, concents, graduation ceremonies, conferences. One additional student dormitory housing 100 students and two additional duplexes are scheduled to be constructed. A Northrise Lodge and School of Agriculture building is also planned.

Board of Regents

The Board of Regents is the official governing body of Northrise University.

 Board of Regents

The NU Board of Regents consists of the following members:

•   Charlie Stroupe; Northrise University Initiative (USA) Board of Trustees – Chair
•   David Lawson; Northrise Australia Initiative (Australia) Board of Directors – Vice Chair
•   David Chakonta; Zambian Representative – Secretary
•   Jeff Goble; Northrise University Initiative (USA) Board of Trustees – Board Member
•   Bob Graziano; Northrise University Initiative (USA) Board of Trustees – Board Member
•   Moffat Zimba; Northrise University President/Vice Chancellor – Board Member
•   Doreen Zimba; Northrise University Vice President/Deputy Vice Chancellor – Board Member

Standing Committee:

Executive Committee;
Charlie Stroupe (Chair) – Moffat Zimba (Member) – Doreen Zimba (Member)

Academic/Student Affairs Committee:
David Lawson (Chair) – David Chakonta (Member) – Doreen Zimba (Member)

Audit, and Finance Committee:
Jeff Goble (Chair) – Bob Graziano (Member) – David Chakonta (Member)

Nominating/Governance Committee:
Charlie Stroupe (Chair) – Bob Graziano (Member) – Moffat Zimba (Member) – Doreen Zimba (Member)


Work For Us

Northrise is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of age, ethnic or national origin, physical or mental handicap, or gender in its hiring practices.

Job Application Process
When Northrise University lists available staff job opportunities and you wish to apply for one or more, please follow this process:

  • Identify Job position you wish to apply for as listed on this page
  • Write an Application for employment letter with the position specified
  • Attach a resume and other documents including your complete education, work references, and employment information.
  • Send the letter to NU using the post or the email address below
  • After reviewing your Job Application, NU will send feedback

Faculties of Northrise University Ndola Zambia

School of Theology
School of Law
School of Business
School of ICT
School of Health and Social Sciences


Degree Programmes of  Northrise University Ndola Zambia

Undergraduate Programmes

Bachelor of Business Administration – BBA
• Bachelor of Finance and Accounting – BFA
• Bachelor of Commerce in Entrepreneurship – BCom (Ent)
• Bachelor of Finance – BFin
• Bachelor of Accounting – BAcc
• Bachelor of Project Management – BPM

  • Bachelor of Theology – BTH
  • Bachelor of Information Technology in Web and Software Development – BIT (WSD)
    • Bachelor of Information Technology in Database Technologies – BIT (DBT)
    • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science – BSc (CS)
  • Bachelor of Laws – LLB
  • Pre-Nursing Program – PNUR
    • Bachelor of Social Work – BSW

Masters Programmes

Executive Master of Business Administration – EMBA
• Master of Business Administration with a Concentration in Project Management – MBA (PM)
• Master of Business Administration with a Concentration in Organizational Leadership – MBA (OL)
• Master of Project Management (MPM)
• Master of Organizational Leadership (MOL)

  • Master of Public Health – MPH

Postgraduate Diploma

Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration – PGD (BA)
• Postgraduate Diploma in Project Management – PGD (PM)
• Postgraduate Diploma in Organizational Leadership – PGD (OL)

 Certification Programmes

• Network Support Certification – NSC
• Database Support Certification – DBSC

Certificate in Christian Ministries – CCM

 Entry Requirements of Northrise University Ndola Zambia


Admission Policy
1.The University shall seek to admit all prospective students who are considered to have a reasonable chance of success in the program for which they apply.
2.The university shall maintain a register of students admitted to a program of study.
3.Admission of a student to a program may be denied if:a. Such admission would exceed the quota; or b. The student has not demonstrated sufficient proficiency in specified preliminary studies as defined in program regulations.
4.Each student’s admission shall be subject to the student’s acceptance of the Statutes and Academic Regulations of the University.
5.Provision shall be made for students seeking enrollment in individual courses, who wish to enhance their knowledge in particular areas or who wish to undertake individual courses to gain an award from another institution, to be admitted to a non-award program subject to any resource
6.The University recognizes that preparation for tertiary study is not restricted to formal educational attainment and that it may receive applications from persons who have not met the published admission criteria. The Academic Dean shall ensure the maintenance of appropriate records on
decisions to admit students where those students have not met the published admission criteria.
Admission Regulations
General Admission Regulations
1.Persons seeking admission to programs are required to submit by the date prescribed in the
University Handbook acceptable evidence that their qualifications satisfy the specified minimum requirements for these programs.
2. Applications for admission to a program shall be made on the prescribed form and lodged in the manner prescribed.
3.Students who are or have previously been enrolled in an undergraduate program of the university may apply directly to the university to transfer to
another undergraduate program of the university.
4. Admission of persons who are currently excluded or suspended from a tertiary institution will be at the discretion of the Academic Dean.
5. The Academic Dean may admit any person to a program offered by that School unless that person has been excluded from all programs of the University.
6. Students’ registrations may be cancelled if statements made by students in their admission applications are shown to be false.
7. Acceptance of an offer of a place shall be taken to constitute acceptance of all published regulations that may pertain to programs, courses, and the lawful instructions of the University and its agents.
8. The Registrar may cancel the registration of students in programs where the students have not been enrolled in any course of those programs for one academic year and have not sought or been granted leave of absence or deferment. Such students who seek to continue studies at the University must re-apply for admission in the normal way.
9. A student shall be deemed to be no longer enrolled in a program at the University if:
a. Registration in the program has been terminated, or
b. The student has been excluded on academic or disciplinary grounds
Northrise University  Student Handbook Page 26 of 166
Requirements for Admission;Admission to Undergraduate Programs
1.Standard Admission To be admitted, applicants will normally have such minimum University Entrance
Requirements as the University may determine for a specified program in a specified year based on agreed Examinations Council of Zambia (ECZ)
schedules which assess formal study at Year 12 or equivalent level, tertiary, preparatory,professional, or vocational qualifications or experience.
Applicants desiring to be considered for enrollment at Northrise University must meet the
following minimum requirements:
1. Satisfactory completion of a Grade 12 High School certificate in accordance with the requirements of the Examinations Council of Zambia or other examining bodies.
2. Sit for an aptitude test. For students in the Northrise Business School, this is a test inBasic English, Mathematics, and Logical Thinking. Students in Theology programs may be required to take a test depending on whether they are coming in as mature students or school leavers.
3. After the student has written the appropriate tests, those who pass may be called for a personal interview.
2.Alternative Admission Successful completion of the University’s Bridging Program in accordance with Faculty requirements makes applicants eligible for admission to an undergraduate program provided other requirements (such as course enrolment requirements) are met.
3.Admission Prerequisites
Prerequisites may be required for admission to any of the undergraduate programs offered by the University.Notwithstanding the above, any applicant may be admitted to a program offered by a Faculty if the Academic Dean of that Faculty considers that the applicant has a reasonable chance of
4.Conditional Offers In circumstances where applicants do not meet the minimum requirements for admission to a program, the Academic Dean may offer a place subject to stated conditions. Any financial requirements needed to satisfy these conditions shall be met by the applicants.
5.Other Admission Requirements
Applicants for admission to a particular program may be required to attend an interview and/or audition, present a portfolio, or perform some other activity as detailed in the Handbook entry for the particular program.
Admission to Postgraduate Programs
Applicants desiring to be considered for enrollment to graduate programs at Northrise University must meet the following minimum requirements:
1. Satisfactory completion of an undergraduate degree from an accredited and recognized higher learning institution.
2. Sit for an aptitude test. For students in the Northrise Business School, this is a test in basic English, Mathematics, logical thinking and other assessment as may be deemed appropriate by the University. Students in Theology programs may be required to take a test depending on whether they are coming in as mature students or school leavers.
Admission of International Students
Other than being required to demonstrate proficiency in the use of the English language,international applicants are subject to the sam entry requirements as Zambian applicants.Academic qualifications recognized for standard entry are based on comparison of Zambian Year 12
(Grade 12) or United Kingdom “A” level examinations, or both. Satisfactory results equivalent to the above levels are, therefore, acceptable for admission.
 Northrise University Student Handbook Page 27 of 166English Proficiency To be admitted to academic programs belowthe level of Bachelor degree, international applicants must have achieved an International English Language Test score (IELTS) of 5.5 or equivalent, provided an appropriate amount of additional English studies and development of study skills are incorporated in the program of study.The decision regarding suitability of the additional
materials and the period of the study rests with the Academic Dean of the Faculty responsible for the program.Applicants who do not meet requirements for English proficiency will be required to take an English course at Northrise University.Applicants should note that these are minimum
requirements and that additional requirements may apply.
Mature Entry Requirements
An applicant who lacks the minimum admissionrequirements may apply as a Mature Student provided that the applicant is at least 25 years of
age at the commencement of the program plus one of the following:
1.1. Successful admission testing
1.2. Successful completion of College English or equivalent, or two post-secondary credit courses
1.3. Successful completion of a recognized grade 12 equivalency certificate for undergraduateprograms
1.4. Successful completion of an accredited and recognized diploma for graduate programs.
The applicant will be required to take four (4) courses before being admitted to the program.
1.5. At least three (3) years work experience in the Program applied for.
Note: Mature Student applicants must also meet any specific entrance requirements of the program to which they are applying.
Application Procedure To apply for admission into Northrise University, please complete the following procedure:
1. Obtain and fill out a Northrise University publication titled “Application for Admission” from the university administrative office. This document
identifies the latest application procedure and includes all the forms you need for admission into Northrise University. You will be required to submit
the following documents with your application:
•Certified copies of all certificates and testimonials
•A signed passport photograph
•A copy of the National Registration Card or a copy of your Study Permit if you are an international student.
Note: The application procedures in the Application for Admission document supersede the procedure in the Northrise Handbook.
2. By the “Preliminary Application Results Published” date, you will be notified if you meet the minimum requirements for admission and of the need for additional aptitude testing, essays, interviews, and/orother items where applicable.If you do not hear about the results of your Preliminary Application from Northrise University by the “Preliminary Application Results Published” date, contact the administrative office immediately by
phone or in person.3. Complete aptitude testing and interviews conducted by Northrise University.
4. By the “Aptitude Testing Results Published” date you will be notified of:
4.1.Non-acceptance into a Northrise University program.In this case, you will need to wait untilthe next Academic Year to apply to Northrise University.
4.2. Additional interviews and/or other items that may be required for acceptance into a Northrise University program.Northrise University Student Handbook Page 28 of 166 If you do not hear about the results of your Aptitude Testing from Northrise University by the “Aptitude
Testing Results Published” date, contact the administrative office immediately by phone or in person.
5. By the published “Applicant Acceptance Notification Date” you will be notified of:
5.1.Non-acceptance into a Northrise University program.
In this case, you will need to wait until the next Academic Year to apply to Northrise University.
5.2.Acceptance into a Northrise University program.In this case you will be informed which program you have been accepted into.
5.3.Placement on a waiting list for a Northrise University program.In this case you have not been formally accepted or denied admission into Northrise University. In the event that a person who has been accepted into Northrise University does not wish to enroll, then applicants on the waiting list will be accepted into the university.If you do not hear about the results of your Application for Admission from Northrise Universit by the“ApplicantAcceptance Notification Date,” contact the administrative office immediately by phone or in person.
6. If you have been accepted into a Northrise University program, you must sign the “Intent to Register”response form and return it together with the Intent to Register Fee to the Registrar at Northrise University before the “Intention to Register Due Date.”Failure to notify the Registrar of Northrise
University in written form by the “Intention to Register Due Date” will result in the automatic withdrawal of your acceptance into Northrise University and allocation of your space to another prospective student.We recommend that you deliver this form in person to the Registrarat Northrise University and obtain a receipt for your response. Optionally, you can fax the document to the administrative office and call to verify thatthey have receivedthedocument. Do not rely on mail or delivery services to deliver your response by the due date.
7. Register for your classes and pay tuition fees during “Registration Week.” After you register, you will know exactly what your schedule of classes
will be and where they will be conducted.
8. Attend the scheduled Student Orientation session. During this session you will learn more about Northrise University, your responsibilities as a st
udent, your expectations as a student and the rules and regulations you must following while at the university.
9. Use of National Registration Card Number. Applicants are required to include their correct National Registration Card (NRC) numbers.
The University uses the National  Registration Card to identify students and locate some of their records.

 Tuition  Fees of Northrise University Ndola Zambia

Financial Aid and Schorlarships of Northrise University Ndola Zambia

Financial Aid (FA) are funds donated by sponsors to a fund which is administered by Northrise University.  Please note that financial aid awarded to students is a privilege and not a right. Once accepted into a program, a student may apply for FA as follows:

1. Financial Aid Application Process:

  • 1.1   Fill out and submit the Financial Aid Application form
  • 1.2   Meet with a Financial Aid Counselor
  • 1.3   Financial Aid Committee determines awards and amounts
  • 1.4   Applicants are notified of awards and amounts

2. Applicant Selection Criteria and Award Determination

  • 2.1  All students who fill out the Financial Aid Application form and apply for aid will be considered for eligibility to be awarded financial aid.  Applicant selection will be determined based on the following criteria:
    • 2.1.1  Students have been accepted to enroll in a program at Northrise University
    • 2.1.2  Students have filled out the Intent to Register form and have paid the initial deposit determined by the University

3. Financial Aid Rules

3.1 Northrise University Financial Aid is awarded for a specific time period (class, academic term, or academic year as specified).   The student must re-apply to receive Financial Aid for the next time period.

3.2 Receipt of Financial Aid by students during one period does not automatically mean that they will receive Financial Aid for the next period.  The student must re-apply to receive Financial Aid for the next time period, and several factors will be considered when determining if the student will again receive Financial Aid.  These factors include, but are not limited to:

3.2.1 The total amount of Financial Aid available to all students.  Financial aid will only be awarded based on the availability of funds designated for the same.

3.2.2 The student’s Northrise University financial status (all outstanding balances must be paid) – All financial obligations to Northrise must be met at the beginning of each term.  Failure to do so will result in the student not qualifying for financial aid for the next time period.

3.2.3 The student’s attendance record.  Students who are absent from class for 30% of the attendance record without satisfactory reasons will not be considered for additional Financial Aid.

3.2.4 Students must maintain a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 or above to continue to be considered for additional Financial Aid.

3.2.5 The student’s GPA for the prior Financial Aid time period.  Only students with a total grade point average above or equal to 2.0 will qualify to reapply for financial aid.  A GPA of 2.0. or better is good standing.  A GPA of less than 2.0 for one term is probationary standing but is eligible for additional Financial Aid.  A GPA of less than 2.0 for two consecutive terms is suspension standing and is no longer eligible for additional Financial Aid.

3.2.6 Student adherence to Northrise University rules and regulations.  Students who have been found to be in violation of any rules and regulations of Northrise University as outlined in the Student Handbook may not be considered for additional Financial Aid.

3.2.7 Satisfactory participation in the Northrise University Work Study program is required.

3.2.8 Unused Financial aid does not apply to another period.  Unused financial aid is due to factors such as:

  • (a) Failing a prerequisite
  • (b) Withdrawing from the program (due to ill health, pregnancy, etc.)

3.2.9 Communication with sponsor as assigned is required.

3.3 Financial Aid that has been awarded may be withdrawn by the Financial Aid Committee.  In the event that awarded Financial Aid is withdrawn, as of the notification date, Financial Aid cannot be applied to outstanding or future student fees.  Reasons for withdrawing Financial Aid include:

  • 3.3.1 Violation of Northrise University rules and regulations
  • 3.3.2 A student misses thirty percent (30%) attendance of total classes
  • 3.3.3 Failure to participate satisfactorily in the Work Study program

Other FA Guidelines

3.4 Northrise University Financial Aid can only be used to pay for the Northrise University cost of tuition, lab fees, books, or meals as specified by the particular FA award.  This financial aid cannot be used to pay for non-Northrise University costs or items specifically denied by the particular financial aid award.

3.5 When Northrise University Financial Aid is awarded to a student, no money exchanges hands. Rather, the amount awarded will be appropriately applied to Northrise University fees until the award amount is fully depleted.  The balance of any fees not covered by Northrise University Financial Aid (if any) must be paid by the student.

3.6 Northrise University Financial Aid awarded to one student is not transferable to another student.  The awarded Financial Aid must only be used to pay for costs of the particular student specified by the award.

3.7 Students who are awarded and accept Northrise University Financial Aid must agree to participate in a Work Study program.   This program will require the student to work in assigned positions on the Northrise University campus for no more than 20 hours per week.

3.8 Financial Aid is not available to international students.

3.9 Unused financial aid will be forfeited and not rolled over into future time periods.

3.10 When a student withdraws from a course, Financial Aid is not applicable.

4. Work Study Program

Student participation in the Work Study program will be based on the percentage of the financial aid that is awarded to the student.  A number of hours that a student must work per week will be determined by the Financial Aid Committee.  Note that work hours per week are subject to change at any time according to Northrise University’s discretion.

Under the Work Study program, students will be required to perform various chores around the university property.  Chores will include, but not be limited to, cleaning the inside and outside of the university campus, kitchen and library duties.


Contact Us -Northrise University Ndola Zambia

Mailing Address Physical Address General Info
Main Campus:
Northrise University – P.O. Box 240271 • Ndola • ZambiaSolwezi Campus:
Northrise University – Mary Begg (Kansanshi Mine) Clinic • Mushitala • Solwezi
Main Campus:
30029 Kitwe-Ndola Dual Carriage Highway • NdolaDowntown Campus:
1098 Buteko Avenue • Caravelle House • NdolaSolwezi Campus:
Opposite Mary Begg (Kansanshi Mine) Clinic • Mushitala • Solwezi
Main Campus:
Land-line 1: (+260) 212 622 195
Land-line 2: (+260) 212 622 196Solwezi Campus:
Mobile-line 1: (+260) 212 622 195
Mobile-line 2: (+260) 212 622

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