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Northrise University logo, Northrise University was founded in January 2004. The vision was conceived in 1988 through the experiences of its founders Dr. Moffat and Mrs. Doreen Zimba. Born in Zambia, both suffered from the lack of educational opportunities. In faith the Zimbas left Zambia to attend a Bible college in Australia. Upon completion, God called them to Southern California where Dr. Zimba received his Doctorate from Fuller Theological Seminary and Mrs. Zimba received her MBA in Technology Management from the University of Phoenix.

While on this educational journey, God strengthened their vision of starting a school in Zambia. Over time, He nourished their desire to impact the living conditions of Zambians through higher education. Thus the concept of Northrise University, an institution that empowers Zambians by providing an education that nourishes and develops the spiritual and economic capacity of the Zambian people, was initiated.

Their passion for the Northrise vision, their faith, and above all God’s guidance, brought other people to the vision, and support groups were founded in Australia, the United States, and in Zambia. Many people brought intellectual and financial resources, prayer and commitment to the project, and in January 2004 the vision of Dr. Moffat and Mrs. Doreen Zimba was realized.

Northrise University is the first nationally recognized private university in Zambia and today it is a fully functioning university, empowering its students daily with the skills to succeed in the workplace while living Christ-centered lives.

Our Vision

To be a model of excellence for teaching and learning; a learner-centered academic community that challenges, advances knowledge and improves the economic well-being, quality of life and spiritual vitality of its students and staff. There are four Strategic Imperatives to our vision:

  • Construct Campus facilities to enable moving onto the land and educating more students. Our goal is to have 2,000 students.
  • Build out Northrise Farm to achieve sustainable operations for the university
  • Develop and maintain a world class faculty
  • Create a spirit of discipleship among the NU community, where love is felt and hard work is seen and rewarded

As a center of academic excellence NU aims to:

  • Enhance its position as one of Zambia’s research and teaching universities and to measure its performance against the highest international standards
  • Provide the highest quality learning and teaching environment for the greater well-being of its students and deliver a comprehensive and community-required educational portfolio
  • Produce graduates fully equipped to achieve the highest personal and professional standards
  • Make a significant, sustainable and socially responsible contribution to Zambia and the world, promoting health, economic, and cultural well-being

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