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Northrise University Initiative

Northrise University Initiative, Northrise University is a Christ-centered educational instituition dedicated to equiping men and women to work in ministry and business to contribute to the spiritual and economic transformation of Zambia.



Help break the crushing cycle of poverty and drop the crippling levels of illiteracy by investing in a life.

One of the many challenges that characterize Zambia, a country in Southern Africa, is the lack of resources and opportunities such as a good education. In fact, there is no guarantee that every eligible graduating high school senior will have an opportunity to go to college. This has left many Zambians illiterate and crushed in poverty.

There is light at the end of the tunnel; Northrise University. Northrise’s mission is to foster an environment of hope and improve educational opportunities for an average Zambian. By empowering the people of Zambia one student at a time, we believe that these students are being educated and renewed; they are developing the necessary skills to effectively contribute to the economic and spiritual transformation of their communities.


 What sets us apart?

A landlocked nation of nearly 12 million people where a striking 86% of the population survives on less than $2 a day. Zambia lacks the access to educational opportunities and the infrastructure at the university level that are crucial to initiating long-term change.

Northrise University’s goal is to educate Zambia’s future leaders to help an impoverished country evolve into a self-sufficient nation. At the cornerstone of a Northrise education rests the notion that graduates remain in their country to go on to influence the lives of other Zambians.

Led by fellow Zambians, students at Northrise are taught to integrate their faith into the workplace. Professors encourage students to achieve academic excellence by providing learning opportunities that enhance critical thinking, discipline, personal responsibility, character development, and sacrifice.

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Northrise University Initiative Our Mission
We seek to transform the lives of our students through a Christ-centered education so they can change the lives of others and collectively we can change a nation. If Zambia and other parts of Africa are ever to be released from the gripping effects of poverty, we must create change from the inside out. Modeled by our founders, we seek to raise up leaders who are equipped with a solid education who will choose to stay within Zambia and be part of the change.

Come See Zambia

Our hope is that Northrise might inspire you to realize the Lord’s miracles around the world and that through Him, anything is possible. Northrise is more than a university, we are a family, a help to those in need, and above all we are a community dedicated to changing a nation.


Vision Trip for Campus Dedication and Graduation Celebration – June 4, 2016

During this vision trip we will be in Ndola, Zambia and visit Northrise University for 3-4 days and spend time with faculty, staff, students and community leaders. During our visit we will participate in the dedication of the new Campus Center and celebrate graduation with the class of 2016. We will have the opportunity to tour Ndola and get a close up look at Northrise University and Zambian life. We will also visit Livingstone and/or South Luangwa Wildlife Preserve, Zambia for an additional 3-4 days.

Vision trips are informative in nature and meant to introduce our friends to Northrise for the first time. 2016 is a very special year as we celebrate the dedication of the new Campus Center and moving to the main campus. And the visit to Livingstone and South Luangwa is a great opportunity to see this beautiful country and experience its true wonder.

Impact Ndola is another opportunity to come see Zambia, the next Impact Ndola service trip is July 9-15 2018, click for more information and register for Impact Ndola updates.


Contact Northrise University Initiative

Mailing Address Physical Address General Info
Main Campus:
Northrise University – P.O. Box 240271 • Ndola • ZambiaSolwezi Campus:
Northrise University – Mary Begg (Kansanshi Mine) Clinic • Mushitala • Solwezi
Main Campus:
30029 Kitwe-Ndola Dual Carriage Highway • NdolaDowntown Campus:
1098 Buteko Avenue • Caravelle House • NdolaSolwezi Campus:
Opposite Mary Begg (Kansanshi Mine) Clinic • Mushitala • Solwezi
Main Campus:
Land-line 1: (+260) 212 622 195
Land-line 2: (+260) 212 622 196Solwezi Campus:
Mobile-line 1: (+260) 212 622 195
Mobile-line 2: (+260) 212 622

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