Wolaita Sodo University President

Wolaita Sodo University President


Senbetie Toma Lachorie(PhD)

President of Wolaita Sodo University

Time: 7pm,1 March 2016

Location: Wolaita Sodo,Ethiopia

Dear visitors, greeting to all of you at your whereabouts. I am honored to welcome all visitors of our official website. As a public higher institution, WSU’s goal is not just to provide an education that leads to academic knowledge accumulation. But, to become increasingly competitive as quality excellence and dedicated to innovative results that have continue to flourish.

WSU has made tremendous expansion and remarkable activities in multiple aspects. It’s no surprise that a great deal of our effort here would not be possible without the ongoing support of our resourceful and dedicated staff, perhaps our most treasured resources. Our university is thriving educational and research partnership with universities around the globe and recently making a new joint with many institutions that are pushing the boundaries of how high quality education is delivered.

In this regard, WSU has opened its doors and looking for global partners. I would like to take this opportunity to call up on all WSU community, stakeholders and visitors of the website to work together to attain the vision of our university. Expressed in decidedly more pedestrian terms, one hand feeds the other. Undoubtedly, we will achieve more successes and realize our vision. Let’s tie our hands together for better change.

Senbetie Toma (PhD), President

E-mail: senbetietoma@gmail.com
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P.O.Box: 138