Sri sai college Methodology

Sri sai college Methodology

Students will be required to develop a portfolio of study evidence, write work assignment, participate in presentations, produce a project and undertake time constrained tests. Peer assignments, essays, oral questioning and answer sessions as well as group discussions are also included.

On Campus counseling will be carried out in order to answer students questions clarify their doubt and help then to overcome difficulties they may face during their study at the college. These counseling sessions also offer students an opportunity to interact with peers.

Each module has a mixture of course work which will make up 30% of the assessment total and 70% (varies by nature of the courses) is from time constrained tests(exams).

There are also attachmentes or work related study at various stages for the degree programs which will be monitored to ensure an all rounded and work experience and capable employee upon completion of the chosen area of study.

On Completion of the program graduates will be awarded a recognized degree qualification. The emphasis is on delivering quality learning to students that make them good candidates for enterprises and future managers, entrepreneurs or employers in their own right.

Sri sai college Methodology

SRI SAI College

Office of the registrar

Admission requirements

For a Degree Program

1. Two recent passport size photographs

2. For those candidates who completed preparatory education

a. Transcript

b. Preparatory Exam Result

c. EGSLCE Result

3. Those candidates who completed level 4 training (TVET Program )

a. Level- 4 Certificate

b. EGSCE Result

c. COC result/certificate

d. Higher education entrance examination result

e. Two Years relevant work experience (After Graduation)

4. For diploma (12+2) and first degree or higher holder candidates

a. Diploma/Degree

b. Student Copy

c. Transcript

5. Official transcript (through P. O. Box: 110650,Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, SRI SAI college)

6. For Candidates who have completed high school education abroad

a. Transcript

b. Letter of Approval/Authentication/ From Ethiopian Ministry of Education