Sri sai college Entry Requirement

Sri sai college Entry Requirement

SRI SAI College

Office of the registrar

Admission requirements

For a Degree Program

1. Two recent passport size photographs

2. For those candidates who completed preparatory education

a. Transcript

b. Preparatory Exam Result

c. EGSLCE Result

3. Those candidates who completed level 4 training (TVET Program )

a. Level- 4 Certificate

b. EGSCE Result

c. COC result/certificate

d. Higher education entrance examination result

e. Two Years relevant work experience (After Graduation)

4. For diploma (12+2) and first degree or higher holder candidates

a. Diploma/Degree

b. Student Copy

c. Transcript

5. Official transcript (through P. O. Box: 110650,Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, SRI SAI college)

6. For Candidates who have completed high school education abroad

a. Transcript

b. Letter of Approval/Authentication/ From Ethiopian Ministry of Education

Sri sai college Entry Requirement



Admission of the college is strictly based on the requirements of the Ethiopian Ministry of Education and the Rules and Regulation of the College. Accordingly, physically, financially and mentally capable candidate who fulfills any one of the following criteria can apply for a degree program.

1. Candidates who completed preparatory education with higher education entry directives.

2. Level 4 training certificate (TVET Program) from any accredited training institution plus two years relevant work experience, certificate in COC and pass mark in higher education entrance examination.

3. Diploma (12+2).Prior curriculum.

4. First degree or above from accredited higher learning intuition



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