Sri sai college Degree Programmes

Sri sai college Degree Programmes

Programs and Duration

Program and Duration






BA in Accounting Degree 3 Years 4 Years
BA in Business Management Degree 3 Years 4 Years
Bsc in Computer Science Degree 3 Years 4 Years


The students may choose one of the three initial degree programs listed in the table below depending on their aptitude and provide that there will not be more than 50 students in each program.

The small students size mean that you are able to speak to your tutor whenever you need to and create an environment where interactive / participative teaching learning is possible.

The college provide a calm, peaceful and conductive environment.

Sri sai college Degree Programmes

SRI SAI College envisions to be a reputable institution/Center of excellence recognized for outstanding quality education, research and training offered through the use of ICT, innovative and interactive teaching and learning process that  blends theory and practice and offered to both local and international students (exporting the education) making them globally competitive,using a diverse mix of professional from the academy and industry thereby contributing to the global thrust.

If you choose to study at the college you will recieve high quality and excellent support from your learning.Every student is given personal attention to help you improve your grades.

BA in Accounting
BA in Business Management
Bsc in Computer Science