Microlink Information Technology College In Addis Ababa Ethiopia

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Microlink Information Technology College In Addis Ababa Ethiopia

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Microlink Information Technology College Makelle was established in 1996 to contribute its part in narrowing the gap of trained man power in the areas on information technology and management and skilled man power that the country is looking for . the college and , in its establishment ,started its function by designing information technology and management curriculums in diploma program .letter in 1998 .firs degree program in formation technology and management field were commenced .in both the diploma and degree program , the college has eleven different programs ,up to now, the college has graduated eight diploma batches and five first degree batch in information technology and management programs.

As a result , to begin a very new , not only to the college but also to the country ,MIS program MSc level is timely for the college . the world has seen a remarkable expansion in formation communication technology and services in the past three decades; and this has demanded that includes management information system ,can be well equipped with the knowledge the time demands. the fast pace growth seen in recent years in the field of management information system has now managed to have its impact felt across the fast developing nations ,among which Ethiopia is a prominent.

The Masters program in Mangment Infor-mation Systems (MIS) at Microlink information technology College Mekelle is tailored to ad-dress the human resource needs for MIs pro-fessionals, which countries with an expanding economy like that of ours demand. Opening aMaster ’s level Study in Manage-ment Information system (MIS) Should there fore be seen as an endeavor to support the Various deoveelopment progeams of the nation through producing (MIS) professionals the economy demands.

It might be the only College that go by the rules and regulations of the education system. It has very experienced lecturers, proven administration experience you can find its graduates in all reputable companies being successful and proud of graduates of the College. I am very very proud to join the College

Pros: good academic reputation, affordable tuition, knowledgeable faculty, beautiful campus, great networking opportunities, great study abroad options, challenging courses, access to cutting-edge technology

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