Micro Business College Students

Micro Business College Students

New Student Orientation

At the beginning of academic year the college organizes a program whereby freshman student are introduced to the atmosphere, history objectives, course offerings, programs/departments, rules regulations etc. of the College. Freshmen are required to attend this program that helps to discover so many things that would otherwise take considerable amount of time.

Scholarships Award

Scholarships Award is given for selected outstanding Ethiopian students who could not pursue their higher education due to lack of financial resources on yearly basis. This is proved by “Wereda Shengo”.

Student Counseling Office

The students “Affair Office” has the task of rendering counseling and guidance services to student who need assistance. The office has one psychologist who is always ready and willing to help any student with a problem. They give professional counsel whenever students encounter academic, personal, family social, health or similar other problems. They also give guidance to student who is at lass to know where to go and who to contact,

Moreover, the counselor assists students in developing desirable behavior, in reaching sound decisions and in realizing their academic potential. They try to create a better opportunity for any student to achieve academic success. The affairs of any student are kept confidential. The office also prepares students’ list and cards, facilitates extracurricular activities and distributes mails to students using the College’s box.

Graduates Employment Office

This office helps graduates review status of graduates’ business or help them find employment. A committee that surveys the trend of demand for our graduates and seeks job opportunities for them runs the office. It endeavors to help student-having chances for office practice before graduation. It gathers valuable information on job opportunities and puts employers and graduates in touch. For example, the office has enabled about 75% of the 2000 graduates get jobs in various government and non –government organization by the predecessor of our college “Institute of Business Education”.  This endeavor will continue in different and new mode of framework in which the graduate will be capacitated to creat own business during his/her studies.

Other Facilities

The College has other general facilities, like play ground for tennis, volleyball and basket ball: cafeteria, where student can refresh themselves and a clinic, where they get a limited amount of medical services.