Micro Business College Library

Micro Business College Library

The College library system will be supposed to consist of freshman, and main library.
Property interest in books: – All materials which are purchased by or donated to the library system become automatically the property of the College.

Creation and Dissolution of Constituent Libraries

The planning and development of collections of literature must proceed in a systematic manner with in the framework of this statute, with due consideration to the individual needs and requirements of the several departments. The Academic Vice Dean in consolation may authorize.
Constituent libraries with the librarian and the deans concerned. Any constituent library may be merged or dissolved by the action of the Management Commission, and all are subject to similar rules.

Upon request, the librarian may make provision for the deposit of a small collection of books from the relevant library to be housed within a department of the College in order to facilitate teaching learning process.

Contacts Micro Business College

Addis Ababa Head Office

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