Mekelle University Official Website

Mekelle University Official Website

Mekelle University Official Website

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History of Mekelle University

Mekelle University is found at the town of Mekelle in Tigray region of Northern Ethiopia , at a distance of 783 Kilometers from the Ethiopian capital.The merger the two former colleges: Mekelle Business College and Mekelle University College established the University in May 2000 by the Government of Ethiopia (Council of Ministers, Regulations No. 61/1999 of Article 3) as an autonomous higher education institution. The two colleges have their own historical developments after beginning from scratch, and have also experienced exhausting ascends and descends, with voluminous relocations from place to place.

Mekelle Business College

Mekelle Business College was first established as a school of Economics in 1987 by the Ethiopian Peoples Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) in one of the then liberated areas of Tigray- Dejena (in Western Tigray). The main objective of the school was to train middle-level experts who could assume the financial and administrative responsibilities of the public in the then liberated areas during the armed struggle. After the downfall of the Derg regime, the School assessed the demand in the different parts of the country and designed a new curriculum to meet the demand. And, in 1991, the school was upgraded to a college offering diploma level programs and renamed Mekelle Business College, marking the establishment of the first higher institution in Tigray at the very end of the last decade of the 20th century.

During the first few years, there was no infrastructure- such buildings, furniture and other necessities for the establishment of such a college. The government found a solution when it decided to use the political training center of the previous government as a campus for the new college. Regardless of the challenges it faced, the college started a diploma program in October 1991. At the beginning the intake capacity of the college was 150 students. It began with 16 academic staff and about 20 administrative staff members. At the end of the first year, the college received a full accreditation by the Ministry of Education. Since then, the college has been continuously expanding its programs and building its capacity.

Mission: Mekelle University Official Website

The mission of our university is pursuing academics, research and community service and contributing to the advancement of knowledge, economic growth, and social welfare to national and international community through empowering local communities, excelling in innovation and entrepreneurship, and partnering with national and international institutions.

Vision: Mekelle University Official Website

By 2025, Mekelle University aspires to become one of the top 25 universities in Africa.

Core Values: Mekelle University Official Website

The University’s commitment to pursuing excellence in all its core business is reflected in the major values expressed below:

Excellence: Mekelle University Official Website

  • Quality service delivery
  • Academic freedom
  • Good governance
  • Culture of fighting corruption
  • Sensitivity to cross-cutting issues

Contact Us: Mekelle University Official Website

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Mekelle, Ethiopia