Mekelle University Job Vaccancy

Mekelle University Job Vaccancy

Mekelle University Job Vaccancy

Internal Vacancy Announcement for academic Staff only

Title of the Position: Community and Consultancy Service officer: Mekelle University Job Vaccancy

The University Industry-Community Linkage Directorate Office is looking for a competent candidate who will be in charge to lead, manage, coordinate, monitor and record the community and consultancy services related affairs of Mekelle University.

The officer is expected to have

  1. excellent  communication skill and ability to participate in the complex and highly professional organization
  2.  comprehensive experience in  leadership accomplishment and management at senior level in community and consultancy services or related fields
  3. Motivation and capability to work in team and should be a full time employee of Mekelle University

Duties and Responsibilities of Community and Consultancy Service officer:

  1. Coordinate, facilitate and guide community and consultancy services to be provided by the faculties of the University colleges, institutes, departments, schools or centers to various communities.
  2. Develop plans for organizational structures and organizational development of the unit
  3. Proactively promote training on community and consultancy services of various professionals and technical areas, and provide the services competitively with best quality
  4. Establish and fulfill all the resources required for the office in consultation with UICL
  5. Designs dynamic strategic plan for the community/ consultancy services in consultation with UICL & management team that bases on regularly assessed objectives, targets and strategies designed to archive the university goals in community service
  6. Organize public lectures and seminars on current issues and community concerns.
  7. Solicits and manage the necessary funds for projects that in turn facilitate academic, research and community service undertaking of the university
  8. Collect, document and communicate the capacity of individuals and teams of within the university available for consultancy and community services
  9. Promote, support and facilitate faculties’ and students’ engagements in community development activities through different mechanisms such as practicum, community development centered curriculum designing for training, leaflets, bulletins and mass media;
  10. Develop, document and communicate the strategic plan,  management systems, quality procedures, and new direction in community and consultancy services
  11. Propose and monitor the fairness of benefits to staff gain as per their involvement in consultancy
  12. Support and advice Deans, Directors, and Department heads with substantial flexibility  to negotiate the term of consultancy arrangement on case-by-case basis
  13. Guide and support department community services and development committees in their efforts to facilitate the solicitation and delivery of training and consultancy services in the areas of excellence of the department;
  14. Prepare different working manuals for case-by-case consultancy services and make available on MU websites
  15. Resonates transparent and economically effective system throughout the university to run the consultancy service
  16.  Lead the coordination of the community service activities
  17. Keep record of community services and consultancies rendered;
  18. Facilitate  the University benefit financially from the training and consultancy services provided to various organizations and communities;
  19. Guide and facilitate organization and documentation of knowledge and innovations generated and developed by departments/programs for dissemination and application by target communities;
    1. Perform additional activities assigned to him/her by the  director


Essential competencies and experience required:

Applicants with PhD degree in any field of study, and high level of research experience are encouraged

Table: Summary of the evaluation criteria and weighting

S. No Criteria Level of merits Weight
1. Qualification and Academic Rank  Qualification: M.Sc./MA=5, PhD=10 10%
Academic Rank: Professor = 10, Associate professor =7, Assistant professor =4 and Lecturer = 1 10%
2. Relevant Work experiences in  Proof of Research, consultancy community services endeavors Coordination and management No=0, 1-2 proofs=10, 3-5 proofs=15 and 6 and more than 6 proofs=20 20%
Proof of  relevant office responsibilities in the University structures (Research/Academics), Experience in year *1Experiences greater or equal to 10 will score the maximum point 10/10 10%
3 General experience (Total service at MU or other universities) Experience in year *0.5Service greater or equal to 20 will score the maximum point 10/10 10%
4 Research experience Number of articles published * 2 OR Number of big project *3 15%
5 Committee work participation Membership at college level * 3, Membership at university level *5 5%
6 Performance appraisal Performance appraisal * 2 10%
7 Letter of Motivation  Poor=1, Good=5, Very good=10 10%
Total 100%


All necessary documents must be attached, absence of the relevant document will result to 0 grading for that specific criteria.

The officer workload will be considered as per the guidelines of the VPRCS

Deadline for Application: January 6, 2018

Interested and qualified applicants shall submit their application to the University Industry Community Linkage Directorate Office, Office number C20-207 until 6 January 2018 afternoon 5:00PM.

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