Mekane Yesus Management and Leadership College Tuition Fees

Mekane Yesus Management and Leadership College Tuition Fees

Theology Program Tuition and Fees

A complete explanation of all BTh Program tuition costs and fees is available in the Dean’s office on the MYS campus.
For all students who are not financially supported by EECMY bodies whose Block Grant contributions support the MYS Theology Department  the course fees are as follows: (EB = Ethiopian Birr)

Mekane Yesus Management and Leadership College Tuition Fees

4-credit course 140 EB
2-credit course 90 EB

All Part-time and Special students are required to pay a registration fee of 10 EB per course.  All fees are subject to change.

Other charges include the following:

Room and Board

Single Students

Food           3,780 EB/year Housing(non-EECMY only)      500 EB/year

Married/Family Students

Food 6,900 EB/year
Accommodation 3,600 EB/year

Other Costs

Registration (full-time students) 150 EB/year
Medical Fund 500 EB/year
Graduation Fee 100 EB/year
Books (approximately) 1,000 EB/year


The MYS has a scholarship fund that offers financial aid to a small number of female students. This fund is managed by the MYS Administration.  Details can be obtained from the MYS Finance and Administration Head.

Management & Leadership Tuition and other fees

A student who joins the College must recognize that he/she must meet his/her financial obligations to the College promptly from month to month and/or from semester to semester. The College is not in a position to extend credit to students and, therefore, before a student registers at the College, he/she must understand what his/her financial obligations are and make sure that he/she is in a position to meet these obligations promptly. A student who has a previous debt may be denied further registration and permission to sit for the semester examinations.
It is not possible to determine student’s exact expenses. However, the fees to be paid every year per credit/class hour are set in advance considering:

  • the general situation of the College
  • the student’s payment capability

Mekane Yesus Management and Leadership College Tuition Fees


  • Tuition fee for the Degree Program:
Regular Birr 70.00 per credit hour per semester.
Extension Birr 80.00 per credit hour per semester.
  • Tuition fee for the TVET Program:
Regular Birr 290.00/month, Birr 1,161.00/Semester or 2322.00/year
Extension Birr 185.00/month/ Birr 2,220.00/year.

* There is 5% discount for those who would like to settle their semester fees at the time of their registration.

Registrar’s Office Service Fees

Description Amount(Birr)
1 Transcript    
1.1 Student Copy 15.00
1.2 Official copy(Local) 20.00
1.3 Official Copy (Foreign) 30.00
2 Student ID card
2.1 ID Card   5.00
2.2 Replacement 10.00
2.3 Attendance Letter 10.00
2.4 Certificate (Original) 20.00
2.5 Diploma (Original) 50.00
2.6 Certificate Replacement 30.00
2.7 Diploma Replacement 100.00
2.8 Make-up Exam 50.00
2.9 Remarking Exam Papers 20.00
2.10 Library 50.00 (Refundable)
3 Registration & Re-admission
3.1. Registration 75.00
3.2 Late Registration 75.00+20.00
3.3 Re-admission 30.00

Mekane Yesus Management and Leadership College Tuition Fees

Refund of fees will be made only upon written application for withdrawal from the College. Students who don’t formally withdraw, who are suspended for disciplinary reasons, or who leave the College when disciplinary action is pending are not legible for a refund of any fee.

The following refund policy is based on regular calendar weeks beginning the day after the final regular registration day.

Time of withdrawal                                          Percentage of refund

Within one week (for monthly payment)     ————————— 80%
Within one month (for semester payment)   ————————– 80%

N.B. Refund is to be made only for tuition fees. The College reserves the right to change the tuition and other fees with prior notic