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Jimma University Address

Jimma University Address

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Jimma University

Jimma University (JU) is a public research university located in Jimma, Ethiopia. It is recognized as the leading national university, as ranked first by the Federal Ministry of Education for four successive years (2009 – 2012).

The establishment of Jimma university dates back to 1952 when Jimma college of Agriculture was founded. The university got its current name in December 1999 following the amalgamation of Jimma College of Agriculture (founded in 1952) and Jimma Institute of Health Sciences (founded in 1983).

Currently the university has two campuses; the college of agriculture campus which is located next to downtown Jimma and the main campus located in the suburb of the town. Both campuses are wooded and are just like urban parks that host a plethora of wild life.



Jimma University aspires to be one of the premier universities in Africa and renowned in the world by 2025.




To train high caliber national and international professionals, undertaking quality and problem solving research, serving and engaginglocal, national, and global communities through its cherished and innovative Community Based Education (CBE).



 To build culture of academic excellence that champions students’ success in intellectual expertise, graduation and employability;

 To develop highest standards of research that gives solutions to the pressing national and global challenges;

 To empower the community to resolve their own issues through our creative and responsive services;

 To  build a diverse global network in intercultural, curricular and co-curricular opportunities that make students globally competent and

 To  create mutual partnership for reputation, financial sustainability and maximizing investment.