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JJU, Alliance Global Labs & Illumine Inc. to work jointly

JJU and Alliance Global Labs & Illumine Inc. hold a discussion to jointly work on advanced Agricultural, Veterinary and Biomedical Genomics research.

Professor Bhaswar Maity, Scientific lead, Networking and Relationship Building, and Contract Negotiations Director, on the discussion, promised that the Incorporated Company is keen on building a joint Biotechnology Research Center with JJU.

The teams representing both JJU and the Incorporated Company further discussed on future collaboration and arrangements.

Open Channel Flume technology inaugurated; three JJU employees made the technology

Speaking on the inaugural ceremony, President Dr. Abdulaziz Ibrahim said that “JJU is committed to support reverse technology efforts being made especially by its workers and students”.

“We don’t wait others to manufacture for us. We have to start doing it by ourselves! If you are going to be Engineers, that is exactly who you should be when you graduate from Jigjiga University!” President Dr. Abdulaziz impassioned the attendees.


JJU College Deans, Intellects and Students attended the ceremony held inside the Laboratory Administration Building.

MoH, JJU, ESRS Health Bureau hold Research conference and review meeting on Neglected Tropical Diseases

Dr. Abdiaziz IbrahimJJU President

The Ministry of Health, in collaboration with Jigjiga University and the ESRS Health Bureau are hosting a five days research conference and review meeting on Neglected Tropical Diseases in Jigjiga.

Dr. Abdulaziz Ibrahim, President of Jigjiga University, on the occasion said that the conference will enable participants to know the current international and national trends of Neglected Tropical Diseases.

The President added, “the aim of Higher Learning Institutions is conducting problem-solving researches and JJU will continue to work on the sustainability of researches that are intervention-based to change the lives of the surrounding communities. Eight diseases are nationally identified those who need focus by researchers and concerned bodies to jointly work together towards relieving them from Ethiopia”.

“If commitments are taken by all concerned bodies and works are done jointly, the desired goals for alleviating Neglected Tropical Diseases will be achieved”, President Dr. Abdulaziz conveyed.

Dr. Taye Tolera, Director of AHRI, on behalf of the FDRE Ministry of Health said that Neglected Tropical Diseases are critical Health Problems in Ethiopia with huge health, economic and social impacts.

In his avowal, Dr. Taye stressed, “the government of Ethiopia has made it a primary agenda and has provided a platform for a nation-wide mapping which enables concerned bodies to identify the disease burdens for all Neglected Tropical Diseases in the country”.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Suad Ahmed, Vice President of the E SRS and Head of ESRS Agriculture and Natural Resource Development Bureau, on her behalf, said that the regional government has registered unprecedented progress on improving the public health and social wellbeing over the past decade.

As Mrs. Suad said, the regional government has allocated a great deal of budget to lessen the risks of Neglected Tropical Diseases including Trachoma from the region. She appreciated the efforts made by Jigjiga University for its work on the regional health system development, training health personnel, and conducting community outreach and problem-solving researches.

Above 400 participants who have come from all parts of the country joined the Conference being held in the capital city of the Ethiopian Somali Regional State – Jigjiga, from August 22 to August 26, 2016.

JJU takes a step to make the Meles Zenawi Memorial Referral Hospital serviceable, says President of the University

Dr. Abdulaziz Ibrahim                                            JJU President

Speaking on a technical training on Hospital Planning and Management for Health Professionals, JJU President Dr. Abdulaziz Ibrahim said that the Hospital will start functioning and serve the nearby community.

It is to be remembered that the Ethiopian Somali Regional State government has recently handed over the Referral Hospital to the University.


Jigjiga University graduated 1902 students in 2016 Academic Year

Jigjiga University graduated 1902 students in 31 departments at degree and three at Masters Levels, on the 25th June, 2016. Among the graduates, 635 are women. The guest of honor of this 8th graduation event, H.E. Mr. Abdi Mahamoud Omer, Ethiopian Somali Regional State (ESRS) President and JJU Board Chairperson said that the regional government has handed over a 300 million Birr worth Referral Hospital to the University.

In the last nine years, “the University has increased its enrollment significantly and has expanded its community services throughout the Region”, the President added. Mr. Seid Mohammed, the Acting President and ARVP at JJU, in his turn, stated that JJU sponsored 57 researches, of which 47 were published and distributed to policy makers, community members and other stakeholders. In the academic year, the University also held two national conferences on pastoral development and education, and 10 Seminars on issues that matter to the nearby community. Mr. Seid also mentioned that the University was awarded by the Ethiopian Quality Award Organization for quality service delivery after listed among finalist organizations in the country.

Lastly, Mr. Seid advised graduating students to use the knowledge they acquired and unity and tolerance to serve the people of the nation with full integrity. Currently, the University operates in 56 academic departments with seven in postgraduate program.

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The College of Social Sciences and humanities of Jigjiga University have arranged a general staff meeting to present its 9 month accomplishments report

Jigjiga University has signed a Project Component Agreement (PCA) with UNICEF to implement a regional project entitled ‘Child Friendly Legal Aid Expansion and Social Workers Training in the ESRS’ for a period of 15 months starting February 2016

Microsoft In Education (In JJU)

Jigjiga University Holds the Fourth National Conference on “Science and Technology for Sustainable pastoral development”