JIGJIGA University Email Address

JIGJIGA University Email Address

Jigjiga University (JJU) is one of the higher institutions in Ethiopia which has become operational since March 2007. Jigjiga University is the first and only university in Somali National Regional State, established in the capital, Jigjiga, as the direct outcome of the policy of the government of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, to expand higher education. Higher education institutes are focusing to grantee access of higher education for all citizens in different corners of the country and expected to absorb ever increasing admission rates to higher education which targets in producing competent and productive graduates, conducting problem solving researches and providing socially meaningful outreach services.

Jigjiga University officially started its operation with 712 students and 66 academic and 99 administrative staffs in 3 faculties in 2007. During the last four years, the students enrollment has grown to a total number of 14,948 students; 7804 are regular, 4521 summer, 2623 in continuing and distance education programs.

Since its establishment, the university has graduated a total of 3032 students; 2460, 345 and 227 in regular, evening and summer programs, respectively. Furthermore, in its successful execution of various short and medium term trainings, the University has trained 593 students in animal health assistants and technicians and meat inspectors and provided on job refresher courses for mid carrier professionals from mainly Somali National Regional state and from Southern Nations, Nationalities and peoples Regional states.

The university is undertaking its business in two core and three support processes according to re-structured processes in business process re-engineering. In core processes, teaching and learning, research and community services, the university has 516 academic staffs who are divided in to 31 departments organized in 9 faculties. Furthermore, in three support processes, the university has 311 permanent and 497 contract employees

Jigjiga University

Address: Jijiga, Ethiopia

Phone:+251 92 401 0229