Infolink College Ethiopia

Infolink College Ethiopia

Infolink College was established in the year 2002 in the Southern Nations and Nationalities Peoples Region SNNPR and is contributing a lot for the capacity building efforts started by the regional and national governments through the production of qualified and skilled manpower and the transfer of appropriate technology. Infolink has been operating in Southern Nations and Nationalities Peoples Region since 2002 In Hawassa, Wolayita Soddo & Dilla towns, by building its own spacious compound in all campuses.

The College gives trainings in wide streams as Education, Law, Engineering, Computer Science and Information Technology, in its campuses. The training and education programs reach from Level I  to postgraduate diploma levels. Thus Infolink College will work hard to provide the training according to the national standards and the experience of other similar institutions. It is clearly seen that due to its quality training, for the last eleven  years, graduates of Infolink College are having great demand in the labor market both regionally and nationally and many have started their own firms. Taking this as an asset the college management and academic staff will work hard to increase the market share of the college. Thus the college has arranged every required facilities and resources that will help to deliver this new program according to the national standards and to the best satisfaction of the society.

Mission Statement

To produce matured and conscientious working generations through the delivery of knowledge-based quality education and training at secondary and tertiary level and the introduction and application of ICT that will benefit the community by equipping the manpower with the necessary tools techniques and methods of modern knowledge and technology so as to make significant contributions to SNNP Region in particular and Ethiopia in large.

To realize these, Infolink will:

Prepare students to appreciate, engage, enhance and transform the social, cultural, civic, and workplace structures of Ethiopia and global societies.

Provide students with the capabilities, skills, and opportunities to take full advantage of life-long learning, including graduate and professional studies, and opportunities to participate in research, scholarly, and creative activities.

Offer students tools for personal and academic achievement, economic mobility, and healthier lives.

Provide high quality professional services to all constituencies of the College

Infolink is committed To Develop and enhance a learning/teaching community of students/alumni, faculty, staff, administration, and the community by:

viewing students as the center of all College activities;

Aattracting and recruiting a diverse body of well prepared and high potential students;

Maintaining high academic standards, enhancing student learning, retaining students, and enabling them to graduate as quickly as possible;

Assuring that current and new programs prepare students for life-long learning and for continuing career opportunities;

Strengthening the ties between alumni and the rest of the College community;

Sustaining a strong working relationship with other national and International institutions;

Recognizing a strong role for applied and policy oriented research and scholarship;

Diversifying and increasing financial support; and, marketing and promoting Infolink

Provide opportunities for the continued personal and professional interaction and development of faculty, staff, and administrators including an effective incentive and reward system.

Enhance the ability of faculty and staff to serve collaboratively a culturally and linguistically diverse student body.