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Haramaya University School Of Medicine

Haramaya University School Of Medicine

Haramaya University School Of Medicine was established as one academic constituent in the Haramaya University college of Health and Medical sciences system in 2007 following the draft curriculum set to help the implementation of the proposal for the establishment of Doctorate degree in medicine Program within Haramaya University. The school accepted its first batch in 2008 with the mission of producing competent physicians that our country urgently and severely needs. Since then, it has been engaged in activities of teaching medicalstudents in particular and more importantly, engaged in the medical services of preventive, curative and health promotion for the community.

The school is located at the Harar Campus about 515 km east of the capital, Addis Ababa. The School of Medicine has a six year undergraduate medical curriculum leading to degree of doctor of medicine (MD). In addition in early 2010 the School of medicine has also launched a master’s program in Integrated Emergency surgery and Obstetrics (IESO) which is a program, spearheaded by the FMOH and designed to meet the urgent need for emergency operative interventions at peripheral hospitals. It is a program built as an essential contribution towards reaching the health related MDG. It was designed to meet the relevant educational standards and provide students with an education and training that will prepare them to fulfill the needs and expectation of the nation and practice in Ethiopian setting. The program aims to provide student with the relevant scientific bases Clinical Knowledge, skilland attitude needed for doctors practicing in national context and beyond. The medical curriculum aims to develop knowledge and skills in a logical and structure manner incorporating both horizontal and vertical integration. The teaching method is highly interactive beyond class room and hospital based teaching. It utilize community as learning environment to implement its community based education

Amidst the ever increasing and perhaps diversifying number of medical students and health care service of the community, the school of Medicine is working hard to recruit and retain competent doctors and higher profile specialists under all its units. While this effort has been started in staffing all the functional specialty units of the school with the required number of specialized doctors needed to run the teaching, research and community services, in the meantime various mechanisms including guest and short term employment schemes have been put in place to discharge its duties effectively.

The school is working on soliciting links with Universities within the country and abroad. The school of Medicine currently encompasses the following functional Department and units:

 Haramaya University School Of Medicine – Departments

  • Surgery department


  • Internal Medicine Unit
  • Gynecology/Obstetrics Unit
  • Pediatrics Unit
  • Dermatology and Venereology Unit
  • Psychiatry Unit
  • Radiology Units
  • Ophthalmology Unit
  • Anatomy, embryology and Histology Unit
  • Physiology Unit
  • Biochemistry Unit

Haramaya University School Of Medicine Department


School of Medicine

School of Pharmacy

school of Nursing and Midwifery

Department of Public Health

Department of environmental health sciences

Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences



 Haramaya University School Of Medicine – Mission

  • To produce competent Medical Science graduates through quality education; undertaking academically rigorous and socially meaningful cutting edge research, disseminate knowledge and research outputs and provide community services in order to improve health of the community in the region & country at large.

 Haramaya University School Of Medicine – Vision

  • In line with the vision of the Haramaya University, the School of Medicine envisions to be among the leading schools recognized nationally and in Eastern Africa for excellence in Learning-teaching, Research and Community services by 2018.

 Haramaya University School Of Medicine – Objectives 

To produce competent, compassionate and community oriented doctors for Ethiopia with internationally recognized standard of excellence.

 Haramaya University School Of Medicine – Admission criteria 

The Ministry of Education or in special cases the university determine the admission criteria of medical students.

  • The admission to the programme will be based on students’ interest and her/his performance (scores) in the Ethiopian Higher Education Entrance Certificate Examination, which is given at the end of the second preparatory year in the high schools.
  • Female applicants will be given priority for admission.
  • Students must at all times be physically and mentally capable of completing the medical courses and subsequently practicing as a medical doctor.
  • Assessment for physical fitness and mental illness is mandatory before admission including readmission after withdrawal due to health problem.

Course sequence and distribution

S.N Year Total Credit hour Duration
1 Premed 19 6 Months
2 Preclinical Year I 42 1 year
3 Preclinical Year II 39 1 Year
4 Clinical Year I 51 1 Year
5 Clinical Year II 52 1 & ½ Year
6 TTP and thesis P/F 8 weeks
7 Internship P/F 1 Year
Total 203 6 & ¼ Years

Graduate programs

MSc in integrated emergency surgery and obstetrics

Graduation requirements for medical students

  • All required course should be satisfied/completed.
  • A cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 2.00.
  • A minimum of score of ‘C’ should be achieved in each and every course.
  • Successful completion of thesis work with minimum grade point of ‘C’.
  • Successful completion of whole internship attachments.
  • Passing comprehensive public health examination.

 Haramaya University School Of Medicine – Contact Details

College of Health and Medical Sciences
Haramaya University
P.O.Box 138
Dire Dawa, Ethiopia