Haramaya University Masters Program 2019/20

Haramaya University Masters Program 2019/20

Haramaya University Masters Program 2019/20


Masters Program


Currently, the University offers postgraduate studies in 28 PhD Programs (Regular), 4 Specialty (Regular) Residence Programs and 98 Masters Programs (regular). The programs offered in summer and CEP modalities are listed in a separate document. The programs are listed hereunder by colleges.

Master Programs: (Master of Arts (MA), Master of Business Administration (MBA), Master of Education (Med), Master of Science (MSc), Master of Public Health (MPH))

  I.    College of Agriculture & Environmental Sciences

1. Agribusiness & Value Chain Management
2. Agricultural and Applied Economics (Regional)
3. Agricultural and Food Marketing
4. Agricultural Economics
5. Agricultural Economics and Rural Development
6. Agricultural Entomology
7. Agro-forestry
8. Agro-meteorology and Natural Risk Management
9. Agronomy
10. Animal Breeding and Genetics
11. Animal Nutrition
12. Animal Production
13. Dairy Science
14. Dairy Technology
15. Environmental Science and Management
16. Horticulture
17. Integrated Pest Management
18. Irrigation Agronomy
19. MSc in Biodiversity and Ecosystem Management (Regional)
20. MSc in Climate Smart Agriculture (Regional)
21. Plant Breeding
22. Plant Pathology
23. Range Ecology and Biodiversity

24. Rural Development and agricultural extension (Streams: Agricultural Communicationand Innovation for Development; and Rural Development)

25. Agricultural Information and Communication Management (AICM) / Regional/

26. Seed Science and Technology
27. Soil Science
28. Weed Science

II. Institute of Technology 

29. Agricultural Machinery
30. Agricultural Mechanization
31. Food Engineering
32. Food Science and Technology
33. Irrigation Engineering
34. Engineering Hydrology
35. Postharvest Technology
36. Soil and Water Conservation Engineering

37. MSc. in Electrical Engineering (Electrical Power Engineering) (new)

38. MSc. in Communication System in Engineering (new)

III. College of Natural & Computational Sciences

39. Applied Biology
40. MSc in Biology
41. Biotechnology
42. Botany
43. Genetics
44. Microbiology
45. MEd in Biology
46. Chemistry (streams: Analytical Chemistry; Inorganic Chemistry; Organic Chemistry; Physical Chemistry)
47. MSc in Chemistry
48. MEd in Chemistry
49. MSc in Chemistry (Material

50. Mathematics (Streams: Differential equation; Numerical Analysis; Optimization Analysis)
51. MSc in Mathematics

52. MSc. in Mathematical Modeling (new)
53. MEd in Mathematics
54. Physics (Streams: Computational Physics; Environmental Physics ;Medical Physics; Nano Scale Physics and Quantum Physics)
55. MSc in Physics
56. MEd in Physics

IV. Sport Science Academy
57. Coaching and Rehabilitation Therapy
58. Teaching Physical Education ( MEd)
59. Sport Medicine
60. Sport Nutrition
61. Exercise Physiology


V. College of Social Sciences and Humanities

62. Afan Oromo (Afan Oromo Teaching, Afan Oromo Literature, Applied linguistics in Afan Oromo)
63. Afan Oromo and Literature Teaching
64. Teaching English as a Foreign Language
65. English Education
66. Sociology
67. Peace and Development Studies
68. Gender and Development Studies
69. Climate Change and Disaster Risk Management
70. Geography and Environmental Studies ( Streams: Environment and Land Resource Management; Urban and Regional Development Planning)
71. Geography and Environmental Studies
72. History and Heritage Management


VI.  College of Education & Behavioral Sciences

73. Adult Education and Lifelong Learning
74. Curriculum Studies (streams: Curriculum and Instruction; Curriculum and Quality Assurance; Curriculum Evaluation and Research)
75. Educational Leadership
76. Educational Leadership and Management
77. School Leadership
78. Vocational Education Management
79. Social Psychology
80. Special Needs and Inclusive Education

VII. College of Computing and Informatics

81. Information Science
82. Statistics (Streams: Econometrics; Biometrics)
83. Computer sciences


VIII. College of Health & Medical Sciences

84. Adult Health Nursing
85. Field Epidemiology
86. Integrated Emergency and Obstetric Surgery
87. Maternity and Neonatal Nursing
88. Medical Microbiology 89. MSc. in Environmental Health (new)
90. Public Health ( Streams: General Public Health; Reproductive Health; Health Service Management; Public Health Nutrition; MPH in Epidemiology)
91. Tropical and Infectious Diseases
92. Water Supply & Sanitation Management


I X. College of Veterinary Medicine

93. Veterinary Epidemiology

94. Veterinary Public Health

95. Veterinary Microbiology

 X. College of Law

96. International Economic and Business Law

 XI. College of Business and Economics

97. Business Administration

98. Energy Economics

Directorate for Postgraduate

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