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Haramaya University College Of Health And Medical Sciences

Haramaya University College Of Health And Medical Sciences

Pursuant to the national health policy, long term plan of the government and mandate given to the Higher education Institutions to train competent professions for the development of the country the faculty of Health Sciences was established in September 1996. Currently the faculty has renamed as College of Health and Medical Sciences.

The College based its campus in Harar town (Which is about 23 kms from the main campus) Since October 2003 for effective training of the students in the nearby hospitals.

The College is organized in to three Schools Medicine, Pharmacy, and Nursing and Midwifery three Departments medical laboratory Science Environmental Health Sciences and public Health and a teaching hospital. The School of Nursing and a teaching hospital. The School of Nursing and Midwifery, also comprises Nursing, Midwifery, and Psychiatry Nursing programs.


To Produce Competent Health and Medical Sciences Graduates through quality education undertaking academically rigorous and socially meaningful cutting edge research output and provide community in the region and country at large


The College of Health and medical sciences strives to be among the leading health science college recognized the leading health science colleges recognized nationally and in eastern African for excellence in nationally and in Eastern Africa for Excellence in learning-teaching ,Research and community services

Core Values


– Efficiency

– Perseverance

– Good Governance

– Equity

– Fostering Creativity/Innovation

– Team Work

– Commit to Quality public Health Service


The general objectives of CHMS are:

  • To train Component , Compassionate and community oriented doctors for Ethiopia with international recognized standard of excellence
  • To train patient-oriented while still having a broad pharmaceutical knowledge and skill that can easily adapt to working in any of the pharmaceutical service of the country
  • To train medical laboratory science practitioners who are capable of providing comprehensive health laboratory services in hospitals , regional laboratory, health centers, and health research facilities
  • To conduct research activities in the area of community health based on the existing problems and felt need of the society
  • To facilitate and assist in the transfer and adaptation of knowledge, attitude and skills.

Main Achievements

In addition to its human resource capacity development effort, the college has shown a tremendous progress in its research and community service engagement, and output. In this regard, the academic staff members are addressing a number of health problems deserving research attention. These include, among others, epidemiology of infectious and non-infections diseases, reproductive health issues, human nutrition, and prevalence of different diseases, disease control approaches and strategies, and others.

It has established kersa demographic surveillance and health research center which generates data on different aspects of health to be used for health policy interventions .community services are primarily offered through training the community on different issues of health at different health stations and hospitals. The research and community engagement activates are being planned in thematic research approach.

In addition to the existing postgraduate programs (PHD and master of public health (MPH),MSC in Adult nursing ,Medical Microbiology ,Water supply and Sanitation Management, Integrated Emergency and obs. Surgery),the Collage has Finished its preparation to launch the new two postgraduate MSC. Program: Maternity Nursing and Tropical and Infections Disease.

Haramaya University CDC project in Collaboration with college of Health and Medical Sciences has been undertaking different activities to strength the HIV prevention, care and treatment efforts of the college and health facilities contained by the college. In addition to this the college has also signed an agreement with ICAP- Ethiopian to support the Pre-service training on HIV/AIDS Preventions ,care and support ,to improve the teaching-learning process in school of medicine medical Education Partnership Initiative (MEPI) project is also working with the collage by providing  pre-service trainings and other Supports.


Graduated Student Statistics since the Foundation of the college

No Program Male Female Total
1 Diploma 717 182 899
2 BSC Regular 2,950 884 3,834
BSc CEP 237 172 409
BSc Summer 462 69 531
3 MPH/MSc 233 72 305
4 PHD 7 0 7


In all areas, we recognize the key Contrition that our students, past and present can make through their advocacy and by helping us develop and improve our activities.

Regular undergraduate Students

Enrollment, 2006 E.C (2013/14)

No Department Sex  Total
1 Env.Health Sci. 73 17 90
2 Med.Lab.Sci 78 25 103
3 Medicine 822 387 1210
4 Midwifery 122 64 187
5 Nursing 153 57 217
6 Pharmacy 131 77 208
7 Psych.Nursing 113 13 126
8 Public Health 271 65 337
                                                               Total     1764 705 2469


No Department Year Campus       Sex    Total
   M   F
1 PHD in Public Health   I  CHMS  4  0  4
 IIIIIIV Addis Continental 5 1 6
                                                                                    Total 9 1 10

Post Graduate Students Enrollment, 2006 E.C (2013/14)

No    Department                 Sex   Total
    M    F
1 Masters in Public Health (Regular)   95  51 146
2 Masters in Public Health (Summer)  37 5 42
3 Integrated and Emergency Obs.Surgery  55 8 63
4 Adult Health Nursing 2 2 4
5 Medical Microbiology 4 2 6
6 Water Supply and Sanitation Management 5 1 6
                                                                                  Total 198 69 267

Haramaya University College Of Health And Medical Sciences List Of Schools And Departments

School of Medicine
School of Pharmacy
school of Nursing and Midwifey
Department of Public Health
Department of environmental health sciences
Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences


Haramaya University College Of Health And Medical Sciences – Contact

College of Health and Medical Sciences
Haramaya University
P.O.Box 138
Dire Dawa, Ethiopia