Haramaya University Chiro Campus

Haramaya University Chiro Campus

Chiro Campus is the third campus for Haramaya University, found in Chiro town. It is running an academic program called Institute of Forest Development and Agro Processing.

 Haramaya University Chiro Campus – Establishment

Haramaya University College of Agro-industry and Land Resource (CAiLR) at Chiro Campus was established as Institute of Technology for Ago-industry and Forest Development on January 31, 2010 when the former Chiro Agricultural Technical and Vocational Education Training College was transferred to Haramaya University. The College was established with the primary mission of producing competent labor force in strategically selected programs such as Technology of Agro-industry, Forestry, Land Administration and Management, Engineering and; Renewable Energy Technologies. Currently, The College is renamed as College of Agro-industry and Land Resources (CAiLR), with the objective of clarifying the role of this college at Chiro Campus.
The College main objective is focus on producing human resource in unique and currently demanded field of studies to avoid duplication of efforts and fit with the labor needs of the country; especially with particular emphasis on produce skilled labor force compatible to country’s skilled human resource need; who can play crucial role in contributing to the success of the country’s Industrialization. Hence, Agro-industry, Forestry, Watershed Management, Land Resource, Engineering, Agricultural Mechanization, Cartography and GIS and; Renewable Energy Technology as well as Landscape Architecture, Apiculture and Seri-culture field of studies are given priorities.
Haramaya University Chiro CAiLR started its operation in 2010/11 academic year. The campus started its degree in both regular and special bega programs. Currently the campus offers regular degree programs in three Program of studies (Dairy and Meat Technology, Forest Resource Management and Irrigation Engineering) and three special bega programs in collaboration with Oromia Regional State (Plant Science, Animal Science and Natural Resource Management).

 Haramaya University Chiro Campus – Historical Background

Haramaya University Chiro CAiLR was established in 2009/2010. The College was upgraded from Agricultural Technical and vocational Education (ATVET) College, to the CAiLR under Haramaya University as one Campus of the University.
The present Haramaya University of CAiLR was first founded in 1986 with donation from Africa Development bank and contribution of local community as Asebe Teferi Agricultural School. The objective of the then agricultural school was to produce middle level skilled manpower in General Agriculture and Agricultural mechanization. The Agricultural school admitted best performer students who have completed grade 10 and certified them with Agricultural certificate after three years of study.
After 16 years of effort Asebe Teferi Agricultural School was upgraded (transformed) in to Chiro Agricultural Technical vocational and Educational Training College (ATVET) in 2002 under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. Its objective was to produce middle level skilled and competent development agent at diploma level who would be actively participated in teachings of farmers at farmers training center to meet the Agricultural led industrialization policy of the country’s. Chiro ATVET College has graduated a total of 3032 Development Agents in the field of Animal Science, Natural Resources and Plant Science until the end of 2009. Chiro ATVET College was transferred to Haramaya University and established as one campus of Haramaya University in January, 2010 and named as Institute of Technology for Agro-industry and Forest Development and this institute is renamed as College of Agro-industry and Land Resource in 2012. This marked a new chapter for the surrounding community; the establishment of Higher education in West Hararghe zone Chiro town.

 Haramaya University Chiro Campus – Location

Haramaya University Chiro CAiLR is situated 326 km east of the capital, Addis Ababa. It is located in Chiro town, West Hararghe Zone. It is about 200 km away from Harar Tawn, capita of East Hararghe zone and found at a distance of 180 km away from Haramaya University main campus to the south west of Haramaya with an area of 31 hectares.
The campus is surrounded by hills and mountains in all directions; and is founded in between mountains area of Chercher high land and near dry land area of Awash Valleys and Mieso Distinict. This provides location comparative advantage to undertake high land and low land (dry area) related field of studies in teaching, research and community service in the campus. It is situated at an altitude of 1800m above sea level and receives an average annual rain fall of 980mm. The dominant economic activities of the surrounding community are Agriculture, where crop production (Sorghum, Maize, Chat and Coffee) and livestock production (Cattle, goat and Camel) are predominant. People in Chiro and its surrounding are naturally friendly and hospitable; more so for the Chiro CAiLR community (staff and students). One can easily walk out to the nearest community and get an enthusiastic welcome.

 Haramaya University Chiro Campus – Vision

Haramaya University Chiro College of Agro-industry and Land Resource aspire to be the leading College dedicated to excellence in teaching, research and outreach service in Agro-industry, Forestry, Watershed Management, Engineering, Land Resource and Environmental Studies. We strive to be the center of excellence nationally in producing competent, pro-active and innovative skilled human resource that plays a significant role in linking Agriculture with industry.

 Haramaya University Chiro Campus – Missions

  • The College is committed to providing outstanding undergraduate and graduate programs, with special emphasis on Agro-industry technology, bio energy, engineering watershed Management, Land Resource, and Forestry that will enable its diverse student to attach their fullest potential intellectually, morally and socially and equip them with skills they need to face real life challenges.
  • Entrusted with advancement of problem solving research on Agro-industry, bio energy, Forestry, Engineering and Renewable energy that will address current and future problem and needs of the society through innovation, preservation and dissemination of knowledge.
  • Dedicated to serving the community and society at large through providing of effective and efficient professional and capacity building consultancy and extension services.
  • Developing of well trained and motivated human resource to meet the needs of educational, research, extension and development programs in the field of Agro-industry environmental Studies and engineering Technologies.
  • Promote public engagement integrated with teaching and research so as to gain practical knowledge among both students and academic staff, strengthening institute-industry partnership.
  • Extend special support to students with disabilities and nurture gender equality in and out of class room in the institute.
  • Enhances a democratic institute which gives pride of place to its students in instruction and provision of service and engages the institute in mutually collaboration with other national and international institutions and private sectors.

Haramaya University Chiro Campus – Contact Details

Office :+2510255511610 or +2510255510778
Fax: +2510255510182
Haramaya University
College of Agro-industry and Land Resource (CAiLR)
Chiro Campus
P.O.Box: 226, Chiro