Haramaya University Admission

Haramaya University Admission

 Haramaya University Admission, the Higher Education Scholarship, teachers’ and Students’ Affairs Department of the Ministry of Education sets criteria (subject to changes every year) according to which it determines admission of regular freshman students into all higher education institutes. Students enrolled at Haramaya University generally have to meet these criteria.

Advanced Standing

Admission to all undergraduate degree programs with advanced standing Status is processed and granted through the University’s is Registrar Office, the respective Academic Commissions, and the Admissions and Placement Committee (APC) of the University. Given the availability of space, admission will be on a competitive basis. Two types of application could lead to the status of advanced standing:

  1. Applicants who previously were enrolled in some other Higher Education Institutions but for some reasons discontinued their education.
  2. Those who have completed their studies in Higher Education Institutions and earned Diploma.

Conditions for potential admission of the former category of applicants is subject to a successful completion of a minimum of one year of study in an Institution of Higher learning of equivalent standard, and meeting the special requirements if any of the College, Faculty or Department to which they are applying. Applicants in the latter group should have a minimum cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 2.00 upon graduation, a minimum of two years of post-diploma working experience in the intended field of study, where applicable, produce favorable recommendations from their employers and secure source of fund. Advanced standing admission is processed only during the first semester for each academic year.

Graduate Admission

MS.c Programs

The candidate must have completed the academic requirements of the Bachelor’s degree with:

  1. A CGPA of 2.00 or more at Haramaya University or an academic achievement comparable to the one stated above at any other recognized Institution of Higher learning;
  2. The candidate must be supported by, at least, three letters of recommendation from the candidate’s undergraduate instructors, employers and/or professional associations;
  3. Where applicable, candidates for graduate studies shall present evidence of support from their respective sponsoring organizations for their salary, travel costs, and the cost of their thesis research projects.
  4. A minimum of three graduate students should be admitted to a program in order to run a graduate program in any one of the Departments in the University.
  5. Anyone who wants to join the graduate program should be less than 40 years old. However, for pedagogical reasons or special requirements of field of study, the Department Graduate Committee (DGC) may set appropriate (higher) age limits subject to the approval of the Council of Graduate Studies.

Special Admission

A candidate who has had a diploma in a subject with an outstanding CGPA, of 3.5 and above, rich experience and passes the entrance examination may be considered for admission provided that he/she takes additional course from the undergraduate program as determined by the council of graduate studies. In this case, the candidate will have to take courses for a minimum of three semesters.

Ph.D Programs


  1. Master of Science degree in the selected field of study or other related sciences or an equivalent Degree from an accredited university.
  2. At least one Letter of recommendation from Graduate School attended and employer/sponsor.
  3. Statement of motivation.
  4. Letter of Certification of financial support.
  5. Duration 3-4 years full time study.