Gondar University Grade Report

Gondar University Grade Report

Gondar University Contact Address, If you have any queries, comments or suggestion please feel free to contact us.

You can write to us quoting the relevant staff member and/Department at:

University of Gondar
P.O.Box 196

Alternatively you can call us on:
+ 251 581141232


+251 588119013

Main Registrar:
Dr Birku Demewoz
Tel (office):
+251 581141237

Dean of Students

Based in Atse Tewodros campus, the Dean of Students, deals with a range of student queries and affairs. If you require help or advice regarding student matters please contact:

Acting Dean of Students:
Ato Shewit Kienf
Tel (office):
+251 588119054

092 846 7384