Debre Berhan University

Debre Birhan University

Debre Berhan University

Background of Debre Berhan University

Debre Berhan University, which is a 8 year young university, is established in the 600 years old historical town- Debre Berhan – a town situated in Amhara Region, North Shoa zone, 130 km away from Addis Ababa in the north. The most powerful explanation of the establishment of the University is the government`s commitment towards the expansion of quality higher education as well as ensuring a reasonable distribution of higher education in the country.

Based on these organizing explanations the foundation stone was laid down on 9th May, 2005 G.C by her Excellency w/ro Genet Zewdie, the then Ministry of Minister of Education of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia.

Thereafter, the construction of the university was started on a total land area of 102 hectares which was given by the City Administration of Debre Berhan Town.

The initial intake capacity of the university (in Jan. 2007 G.C.) was 725 students who joined in to 5 departments with 68 instructors and 7 administrative staffs. But now, the enrolment has significantly increased to around 14,000 regular, extension and summer students who joined in to 35 departments/ programs under ten colleges, two institutes and eight post graduate programs.

Miraculously to its being young, the management fervently and zealously envisions to become one of the best universities in Ethiopia by 2020 G.C.

Hence, it is adamantly and unrelentingly working and undertaking massive organizational activities in terms of human resource development and construction with an over view to further enhancing its institutional capacity on areas of producing competent graduates, conducting a problem solving research & offering community services.

Currently, the university is staffed with more than 700 (first degree to third degree) academic staffs (276 are on study leave), and more than 500 administrative staffs. By 2007E.C/2015 G.C, the intake capacity of the university will have grown to 12,000 regular academic trainees, and staff upgrading and employment will be achieved as planned.


Mission of DBU

Producing efficient graduates by offering research assisted qualityeducation.
Undertaking a problem solving research based on national need and benefiting the community with the outcome.
Offering government and community centered training, consultancy service, transferring technology and undertaking innovation.

Vision of DBU

Aspires to be the best university in Ethiopia by 2020.

Values of DBU

Shared vision
Quality service
Attention to cross-cutting issues


The programs offered in each college and institute are: Debre Birhan University

1. Institute of Engineering

2.1. College of Engineering

Civil Engineering

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Chemical Engineering

Construction Technology management

Mechanical engineering

2.2. College of computing

computer Science

Information System

Information Technology

2. College of Natural and computational science: Debre Birhan University





Sport science




3. Institute of medicine & Health Science: Debre Birhan University


4.1. College of medicine


4.2. College of health science


Health Officer (Public Health)


4. College of Agriculture and Natural Resource Science

Animal science

Plant science

Water Resource & Irrigation management

Natural resource management

5. College of social science and Humanities

Amharic language

English language

History and Heritage management



Civics and Ethical Education


6. College of Business and Economics



Accounting and Finance

7. College of Law


8. College of Education


Graduates College


The university in the country is to achieve the vision that 2 X 12 Favorite University.


Raising beyuniverišitiwini open new post graduate programs
According to the development plan by the university teachers is a leading higher education opportunities in the country to guarantee internal and external.
Find the students and research funding to facilitate the study and analysis of the effectiveness of support.
Preparing for research and development seminars, research and culture.


K’elit’efenetini combined to provide quality service
Mission and vision to read tegeritone
Good governance and cultural plurality
To focus on critical issues
Effective use of resources
occupational love

key function

Postgraduate School of the University’s vision is to achieve that in 2012 the country’s best university. Where / or primary function of playing a significant role in the vision of the university in a short period of post graduate programs in library and problem solving research by promoting research culture occur by increasing the country’s development is real. According to the development plan by the university teachers is a leading higher education opportunities in the country to guarantee internal and external.

Tederesheneti post graduate

Debre Birhan University  places that can meet the development needs of the market and desirable yedihire- graduate programs identified by 2 degrees since 2003 From time to time by increasing the number of programs currently on giving lessons at 7 and these programs:

1. History and Heritage Management

2. Mathematical Modeling

3. Economics

4. Master of Business Administration


6. Information System

7. MPH

And two additional programs approved by the Senate Finance 2 7 start school graduates, which finalized

1. Physics

2. Zoology

In addition, the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources at 9 curriculum programs (Curriculum) and the preparation of programs produced by the poll panel to consolidate Basics shop and Programs

1. Soil Fertiliy & Plant Natiotion & Soil Health

2. Wildlife Management & Ecotouism

3. Plant Protection

4. Soil Sciences

5. Agronomy

6. Agro forestry

7. Watershed Mgt

8. Water resource & Irrigation Mgt

9. Plant Breeding & are Genetics.

One-number listed 1-6 lešēnēti approval and will be provided appropriate assistance program inept track begins with education.

Komipitishineli natural science programs, in addition to three College, now kezeregechewi

1. In Chemistry

2. Sport Science Management 2nd degree is to start on the pending Senate approved curriculum is gearing up preparations.


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