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Axum University Vacancy Announcement

Axum University Vacancy Announcement

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Aksum University Vacancy Announcement 2018 GC /2010 EC

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362 Academic Vacancies


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  • All applicants should be graduated from governmental Higher Education Institutions in a regular program.
  • First degree  applicants will be considered only where there are no enough MSc/PhD applicants in programs


  • In all cases, the first degree and second degree  should be vertical and relevant  (decided by the respective department)


  • The CGPA of first degree applicants should be:


  • for females  2.75 and above
  • for males 3.00 and above
  • The CGPA of second  degree applicants should be:
  • First degree CGPA 2.5 and above
  • Second degree  CGPA 3.00 and above
  • A Master  degree thesis result  should be Good and above
  • Applicants who have teaching experiences are more preferable.
  • Salary will be according to University Scale.


Application Places

  • Aksum University Campuses, Human Resource Management and Development Directorate (Block 53 Room 106)


  • Aksum University Liaison  Office in Addis Ababa, “Bole” “KIfle-ketema”, “Kebelle” 24, around Lem-Hotel



  • Telephone: 03 48 75 02 27, Aksum University, Main Campus


  • P.O.Box:1010


  • Telephone: 0920333655, Aksum University Liaison  Office,  Addis Ababa


The applicants should submit all academic and other important credentials in non returnable copies.