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Arba Minch University Summer Program

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Corporate Communication Directorate, one of the directorates of Arba Minch University, is duly engaged in establishing, managing and orchestrating meaningful channel of communication for internal and external audiences to create, promote and position AMU in its right place. It also maintains public & media relations and collates organizational mission, vision and goal in a coherent message for myriad stakeholders. By keeping university’s website abuzz with current happenings and through various printed collateral’s it puts university in a favorable environment.

Official structure: The directorate is headed by a Director and 11 experts in different areas of communication performing respective responsibilities to make communication meaningful.


Involving in the management of problems and emergency issues

  • Helping the university management to be informed on and responsive to public opinion
  • Supporting the university management to effectively utilize change
  • Serving as early indicator to help anticipate trends
  • Emphasizing on the responsibility of the university management to serve the public interest
  • Using research and ethical communication techniques to disseminate information and build the image of the university


Among others the following are the key tasks of the office to accomplish its missions:

  • Formulates and executes effective procedures to make decisions on communication matters of the university
  • Supports the achievement of corporate objectives through internal and external communication
  • Disseminates information which can promote and foster major activities going on in the university
  • Coordinates the university’s internal and external communication
  • Works to affirm constructive relationship between the university and its partners
  • Manages the information on university’s website and intranet
  • Releases newsletters and events
  • Directs the university’s community radio program
  • Advocates the positive image of the university
  • Serves as spokesperson of the university


Corporate Communication Directorate

Arba Minch University, P.O. Box 21

Tel: +251-46881-4986/3167; 0913225006

Fax: +251-46881-4964