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Newly opened Sawla Campus poised for new beginning

Arba Minch University has inaugurated Sawla Campus as its infrastructure got ready to host 10 disciplines by two new colleges and a school on 5th November, 2016. Top AMU officials, various government officials and Sawla community participated in the celebration.

University President, Dr Damtew Darza, during opening, said, ‘‘AMU, Ethiopia’s pioneering institution in water resource engineering is expanding its programs and campuses to achieve its vision and all programs are compatible to market demands that complement national needs.’’

Thanking community for support, he said, Sawla Campus launched last year has faced many difficulties following delayed construction. But, now infrastructure in place, teaching and learning activities will run smoothly. The first phase construction has incurred ETB 26.6 Million while in second phase, library, classrooms; internal access roads and etc. will be built costing ETB 37.7 Million to university.

In the tastefully decorated program venue, Gamo Gofa Music Band playing soulful numbers representing nations and nationalities, has some of the top officials including Dr Damtew, Dr Guchie and others reveling with community present.

Campus Coordinator, Mr Gebremedhin Chameno, extending heart-felt gratitude to Sawla Town and Demba Gofa Administration offices, Gofa Kale Hiwot Church and Sawla Preparatory School, said, ‘‘It couldn’t have been possible without all of your valuable support.’’

In a heart-warming message to teachers and students, he said, ‘‘My heart goes out to you for working under trying conditions. But, now things have changed as they got to, and from here onwards, I assure everything will fall into place for smooth functioning.’’

He further said, in the first phase, 13 buildings have been completed that include a management building, cafeteria, student’s facility, academic utility room, six dormitories, class rooms and laboratories.

Gamo Gofa Zone Deputy Administrator, Mr Teferi Abate, presiding over program, profusely lauded Arba Minch University for doing great humanitarian work for the community. He assured every possible support for the success of the mission to educate society.

Later in the day, AMU acknowledged the valuable support extended by Sawla Town Administration, Demba Gofa Administration, Gofa Kale Hiwot Church and Sawla Preparatory School by giving citation of appreciation to their respective representatives.

The community present on the occasion was overwhelmed with sense of gratitude towards AMU for establishing Sawla Campus, which they feel will prove to be a milestone in educating community. Present heads representing religions at Sawla, assured moral backing for this noble cause.

On the occasion, Sawla Campus has hosted a grand banquet in honor of visiting top AMU officials, government representatives and others.

(Corporate Communication Directorate)

Arba Minch University’s new Sawla Campus is likely to begin academic activities by December 2015-16 academic year end with AMU Senate giving nod for the same in its recent meeting, informed Advisor for Academic Affairs Vice President, Dr Damtew Darza.

It’s learnt that Senate has constituted a four-member Task Force (committee) to facilitate the process and simultaneously conduct need-assessment at Sawla to find as to what programs would be more appropriately benefit the community and other related issues. Vice President for Research and Community Service, Dr Guchie Gulie, will head the panel along with three other nominated members.

The committee that would start the assigned task this week has been asked to submit its report within the stipulated timeframe of two months. Thereon, the concerned authority after careful perusal would decide as to what more programs to be launched, informed Dr Damtew.

He further adds, programs that are more appropriate keeping in view the prevailing social and economic environment of that community would be considered. However, after thorough deliberation AMU would take consensual decision on the issue. How and when it should be accorded full-fledged campus status and other academic issues will be looked into.

Provisionally, University has appointed an instructor from College of Agricultural Sciences, Mr Gebremedhin Chameno, as Campus Cooordinator, who is likely to be made dean in near future.

Initially university would enroll students in four newly launched under-graduate courses which are launched in this academic year i.e. Adult Education and Community Development, Communication and Media Studies, Logistics and Supply Chain Management and Finance and Economic Development.

Around 200 enrolled students for the above mentioned subjects would stay in Abaya Campus for two months, later they will be moved to Sawla Campus as the infrastructure nears completion.

The available information indicates the construction which began last year, has completed around 85% of the works. However, the construction of classrooms, dormitories and staff rooms are almost ready with 15% works to get finished. It would take two to three months to get everything in place, said the newly appointed Coordinator Mr Gebremedhin.

(By Corporate Communication Directorate: Philips Joseph)