Arba Minch University Medicine Department

Arba Minch University Medicine Department

Arba Minch University Medicine Department

College of Medicine and Health Sciences

The College of Medicine and Health Sciences that came into being in 2008 (2000EC) is situated at Nechsar Campus. From its inception, it has been focusing towards core agenda of running the programs which earnestly complement and supplement the healthcare needs of the nation.
In the yesteryear, Ethiopian Human Resource for Health (HRH) had had acute shortage of trained healthcare professionals. Therefore, having identified the cause, the strategic planning primarily focusing at producing skilled medical professionals in the stipulated timeframe was duly formulated.
To address this issue, forthwith, Arba Minch University after attaining the full-scale status of university, launched the then ‘Faculty’ now called College of Medicine and Health Sciences. The College then had hosted 150 undergraduate students in the fields of Public Health, Nursing and Medical Laboratory sciences.
Subsequently in 2009 and 2010, School of Medicine was opened along with the department of Midwifery. To compensate the increasing demand of trained healthcare personnel, in 2014 specialized streams i.e. Anesthesia and Medical Radiology Technology were introduced taking the tally of overall departments in the college to seven.
Same year, the College has successfully got the School of Medicine recognized as the full-fledged School formally endorsed by AMU’s Administrative Board. And in the brief span of three years, three Post-Graduate programs were also launched that have made its position strategic and immensely unique in this region.
Apart from strengthening academic arena; the College with its research and community service coordination units has been proactively conducting slew of multi-disciplinary and health-centric research activities to serve the surrounding community. As of now collaborative research i.e. Arba Minch Demographic and Health Development Program is underway.
Currently it’s developing a research and training centre on Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs) to address the key issues like training, research and gap-analysis. The Federal Ministry of Health has duly approved the initiative and soon College will launch a national workshop in this connection. This major clinical initiative stand to play broader role in catering the healthcare needs of the people.
Commencement of AMU’s referral-cum-teaching hospital’s construction, is an achievement in itself; a milestone. This hospital will offer specialty medical services to the surrounding communities.
Academic Supporting Offices led by campus-level coordinators as follow.

  1. College Research Coordination Office
  2. Community Service Coordinator Institutional Quality Enhancement
  3. Gender Affairs Coordinator Office


Department of Medicine: Arba Minch University Medicine Department

The department has started to be operational since 2009 (2001 E.C) with an initial intake of 51 students and a second admission of 62 students in 2010. A total of 113 students are currently attending their study of which 23 (20.3%) are female students.

Academic Staff Profile: Arba Minch University Medicine Department

This is currently run by three undergraduate Medical Doctors and one in applied Biology in full time employment.  To overcome the shortage of instructors the department is delivering courses are offered by guest lecturers from the vicinity and the country as a temporary solution.

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