Arba Minch University History

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Arba Minch University History

With an objective to address water-related issues, the then Arba Minch Water Technology Institute (AWTI) was established in September 1979 EC (1986). … In the wake of the nation’s development plan to produce qualified manpower, the institute was scaled up to the level of university as Arba Minch University in 2004.

The 1980s and early 1990s

Academic programs of AWTI in the 1980s and early 90’s were as follow: Certificate programs: Electrical Maintenance Technician course (12 months), Hydro-Meteorological Observers’ course, Water wells drillers course (6 months), Water Works maintenance course (6 months), Water Supply Operators’ course (6 months), Motor Mechanics course (6 months), Community Participation promotion officers training course (6 months), Welders and plumbers training course (3 months), Practical Hydrological training course (2.5 months), Trainers training course (1.5 months).

Diploma Program: (two-year duration): Special drillers course, Meteorological Observers’ course, Assistant Meteorologist course, Soil Laboratory Technology, Hydrology, Water Treatment Technology.

Advance Diploma Program (three-year duration): Irrigation Engineering, Sanitary Engineering, and Hydraulics Engineering. Degree Program (5-year): Irrigation Engineering, Hydraulics Engineering, Sanitary Engineering, In 1988, the first 45 batches of students were graduated from AWTI in diploma courses. In the 1989, 47 of the first batches of advanced diploma were also graduated.


  • 1997: AWTI was restructured as Arba Minch Technology Institute (AMiT) with the establishment of three departments for degree programs – Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering.
  • 2001: the Meteorology Department was established to provide diploma and postgraduate degrees. Computer Science and IT & Architecture were added.
  • 2002: the institute started postgraduate programs in Hydraulics & Hydropower and Irrigation Engineering.
  • 2004: Hydrology & Water Resource and Meteorology were started.
  • 2002: the School of Graduate Studies came into being. It introduced MSc in Electrical Power Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering and Water Supply and Environmental Engineering.
  • 2003: the College of Business & Economics came into being, situated at Chamo Campus.
  • 2008: the College of Social Science & Humanities started, situated at Chamo Campus.
  • 2004: the College of Natural Sciences at Abaya Campus was set up.
  • 2007: the College of Agriculture and College of Medicine & Health Sciences were established, situated at Nech Sar Campus.
  • The College of Agriculture has shifted to the new Kulfo Campus.