Arba Minch University Ethiopia

Arba Minch University Ethiopia

Arba Minch University Ethiopia  is based in South-West Ethiopia. The University was initially founded as the Arba Minch Water Technology Institute (AWTI) in 1986, and retains its reputation as a center of excellence for Water Technology in Eastern Africa. The University was officially inaugurated in June 2004 and offers both undergraduate and graduate programs, with academic areas structured as follows:

  • Arba Minch University Ethiopia  Institute of Technology
  • College of Agriculture
  • College of Business and Economics
  • College of Natural Sciences
  • College of Medicine and Health Sciences
  • College of Social Sciences and Humanities
The University is currently undertaking an ambitious program of expansion and is targeted to develop from 8,000 registered students in 2008 to 24,000 students in 2014.


AMU’s historical foundation dates back to late 1990s. Mandated to address water-related issues, the then Arba Minch Water Technology Institute (AWTI) was established in 1986. AWTI then used to offer short and long-term trainings, conducting research and rendering consultancy services in the water sector.

In 1997, it got restructured as Arba Minch Technology Institute (AMiT), and soon three BSc degree programs were added i.e. Civil, Mechanical & Electrical Engineering.

In 2001, Meteorology Department was established to provide diploma and PG degrees. Subsequently, Computer Science and Information Technology & Architecture were added.

In 2002, AMiT rolled in PG programs in Hydraulics & Hydropower & Irrigation Engineering. Additional programs i.e. Hydrology & Water Resource and Meteorology were introduced in 2004-5.

In 2002-3, the School of Graduate Studies came into being, that later launched MSc in Electrical Power Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering and Water Supply and Environmental Engineering.

Till 1993, AMiT was governed by Water Resource Commission and then came under the umbrella of Ministry of Education (MoE). Following nation’s development plan to produce qualified manpower, AMiT was scaled up to the level of university as Arba Minch University in 2004. Since its establishment, AMU has achieved several milestones and with its maiden PhD program in Irrigation & Drainage Engineering in 2006 EC (2013-14), it has taken a quantum leap towards excellence.

VISION:Arba Minch University Ethiopia

Arba Minch University aspires to be a leading University by producing intellectuals who will boost growth and development of the nation and become competitive in Africa and the world by 2025 GC

THREE-PILLARS: Teaching-Learning, Research and Community Service.
Dr Damtew Darza heads the University along with four Vice Presidents holding different portfolios.

MISSION: Arba Minch University Ethiopia
Arba Minch University has a mission of offering relevant and quality education and training, conducting problem-solving research, adapting and transferring skills and technologies that lead to socio-economic development facilitating accessible community services

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