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Vacancy Announcement

Vacancy Announcement (for the second time)

Position:  Assistant Registrar of College Continuing and Distance Education

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Be responsible for all matters pertaining to academic records, certification, documentation, registration and other such functions for the distance, evening, week-end and summer programs
  2. Provide proper guidance, leadership and supervisory of the registrar personnel and their activities at college level
  3. Prepare updated statistical data of CCDE students and timely report to the dean and university registrar
  4. Assure that student grades, examination grade reports and academic status are processed following AMU senate legislation.
  5. Plan, prepare and issue ID cards to students
  6. Develop efficient systems for handling cases related to  add and drop, withdrawal, clearance, readmissions, etc
  7. Ensure that students who have completed graduation requirements are immediately presented to the academic commission and subsequently forwarded for approval to senate
  8. Ensure that university regulations and college academic commission decisions are effectively executed
  9. Contribute to the making of the academic calendar of the university
  10. Ensure the status of students for graduation and subsequent transfer of their files and lists to alumni record section
  11. Be responsible for the safety and security of students’ academic records.
  12. Ensure proper provision of academic advisory services to students
  13. Voluntary to accept any additional duties  given by the college dean
  • Accountability: accountable to the Dean of  College of Continuing and Distance Education
  • Terms of service: 3 Years
  • Requirements: The candidate must have at least a rank of lecturer, excellent computer skill and good interpersonal skill.
  • Benefits:
    • Major benefit: Satisfaction by his/her contribution towards the achievement of the objectives planned by the University.
    • Minor benefits: Monthly allowance of 900 ETB + 20% his/her Salary and exempted 6 Cr. Hr in his/her teaching load.
  • Place and deadline of application: Interested applicants can submit their document to College of Continuing and Distance Education ( Nech Sar Campus) until  Feb 10, 2018 G.C
  • Required Documents:
    • Detailed CV
    • Academic transcript
    • Work Experience
    • Letter of Motivation
    • Recommendation letter from immediate supervisor or department head
    • Any other supportive documents

N.B: Female applicants are highly encouraged!

College of Continuing and Distance Education

There is a vacant position for coordination office of development works which is accountable to the Community Services Directorate.  Therefore, the university seeks a competent and committed Ethiopian academic staff to assign a coordinator in the position on merit base. Click here to Download Vacancy announcement-Coordinators