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Alpha University College (AUC) Libraries

Alpha University College Libraries structurally has two branches namely Main Campus and Arat Killo Campus. The service is organized in such a manner to address users’ needs at their convenient places. That is, students who are attending their studies at Arat Killo can make use of the Arat Killo Campus library. However, depending on their need they are allowed to use any of the libraries.

Opening hours: Alpha University College Library

Both libraries are open Monday – Sunday 8:00 am – 8:00 pm. However, the library is closed on public holidays.

Collection: Alpha University College Library

The AUC library’s collection is comprised of monographs (text, reference collections as well as fictions), modules, journals, CD-ROMs, and selected online resources. The monograph collection accessible for users is about 30,000 volumes. Based on the available course and users request there are also other collections that can be made available.

List of CD-ROM that is made available for users is displayed around the circulation area and users can request and utilize the content using one of the computers available in the library.

Users: Alpha University College Library

Users of the AUC Libraries include current registered students both regular and distance, academic staff, administrative staff and external users who are allowed to use the library for limited period of time by the top Management of the University College.

Services: Alpha University College Library

Some of the services provided by the library are briefly described as follows:

Circulation: Alpha University College Library

In this department, users are allowed to use the available resources for spot reading purpose or long loan. There are resources available for photocopy service only. Therefore, users are allowed to photocopy of the resources they like with in an hour. Depending on the users’ needs resources can be made available for overnight loan purpose.

CD-ROMs can also be borrowed for half an hour to be used within the library premises.

Internet: Alpha University College Library

Using the available infrastructure at AUC, the library provides broad band Internet services for users.

Literature search services

As part of its Information literacy activity, the AUC Library assists senior students in their quest for pertinent literatures while they are doing their senior essays.


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