Alpha University College Hargeisa

Alpha University College Hargeisa

Alpha University College Hargeisa

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The present Alpha University College (AUC) in Somaliland (formerly known as Lucy University College) was founded in 2009 by a dedicated Somaliland scholars and specialists with relevant experience and managerial skills. The University and its members strongly believe in provision of relevant, accessible, affordable and quality higher education to citizens who would contribute to the efforts being exerted in the process of national capacity building.

After being incorporated under the relevant provisions of the national education policy of Somaliland, Alpha University College Somaliland (AUC) was registered by the Ministry of Education and Higher Learning (MoE & HL) and National Higher Education Commission (NHEC). Since its establishment, AUC Somaliland has been engaged in accredited regular higher education program leading to degrees. So far, more than a thousand students have enrolled on a different degree programs including:

  1. Law,
  2. Economics,
  3. Accounting and Finance,
  4. Business Management,
  5. Computer Science,
  6. Business Information Systems (BIS).

The University College has won the confidence of many Somalilanders as a whole and its stakeholders in particular. The tremendously increasing number of its student population from year to year and the feedback the University College receives from its clients as well as from the various government and non government organizations contribute to the improvement of the programs and success of the institution. A rigorous educational and training needs assessment conducted by the University College has established the fact that there is yet a lot to be done to address the demand for higher education in Somaliland. To answer this call of building the capacity of the country, The University College has committed itself to strengthen the ongoing regular education and also to establish new Master/degree/Diploma programs on regular education mode to Somaliland citizens in the regions.

Accordingly, Alpha University College has given priority to the provision of quality education and training services through campus-based mode of delivery with an aim of addressing the human resource needs of the country. Thus, an opportunity has to be created to provide increased access to students who are isolated or who missed the chance early in life to secure education and training, and to fill significant gaps in the provision of higher education and training. To this effect, AUC monitors and evaluates the implementation of its academic, research and consultancy programs periodically and, to the best of its ability, ensures that the national higher education quality standards are maintained.

Broadly stated, the goal of education is developing the individual to such degree that he/she is best equipped to assume his/her role as a citizen in a socially-oriented and democratic society. Accordingly, institutions of higher education are expected to strive to develop leaders who will take their place in a democratic society dedicated to the preservation and advancement of the values enshrined by the society, which raised and nurtured them. It is, therefore, the goal of AUC to assist each student, through its instructional programs and co-curricular activities, to realize his aspirations, motives and academic achievements, which would ultimately result in the personal development of the learners and their usefulness to the society.

Vision: Alpha University College Hargeisa

By 2025, Alpha University College envisions becoming a First Class University in Africa through providing quality education, research and expanding educational access.

Mission: Alpha University College Hargeisa

In its targeted mission, Alpha University College is committed to produce skilled professionals who contribute to the capacity-building endeavors of Ethiopia through providing relevant and quality education, conducting research and participating activity in community services.

Educational Goals: Alpha University College Hargeisa

Alpha University College has set the following goals for achieving its mission,

  • Create a democratic academic and administrative environment;
  • Offer relevant and quality undergraduate and postgraduate studies in the regular and distance programs;
  • Produce qualified, problem-solving and productive generation;
  • Conduct research that are problem solving and relevant to the country’s needs;
  • Conduct basic research to produce new and/or expand knowledge;
  • Engage in community services that benefit the community at large;
  • Expand opportunities of higher learning for marginalized sections of the society.

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