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Alpha University College Facebook

Alpha University College Facebook

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Historical Background

The present Alpha University College (AUC) grew out of the distance education institution established by an Ethiopian in 1981. The objective of the institution was to give vocational and technical training to those who are unable to attend regular classes.

The Ministry of Education (MoE) recognized the institution originally as Institution of National Vocational and Technical Distance Education Enterprise. It was under this name that the institution started to play an active role of expanding education services in the country.

At that initial stage the training programs included Auto Mechanics, General Mechanics, Wood Work, Electricity, Home Economics, Agriculture, Personnel Management, Purchasing and Production Management.

With this institution as its foundation, Alpha Education and Training Share Company (AETSCO) was established in 1994. The founders of the company were Ethiopian businessmen and other experienced people with a wide range of professional training in different fields. The founding members are dedicated to the cause of education of citizens. As a result, just from the outset, the motto of the company has been to provide relevant, accessible,affordable and quality education to citizens who would later on hopefully exert their efforts and contribute to the capacity building in Ethiopia.

Since its establishment, AETSCO has been engaged in accredited distance higher education programs leading to certificates, diplomas and degrees. Tens of thousands of distance education students have graduated and other tens of thousands are currently following different diploma and degree programs including Economics, Accounting, Business Management, Information Technology, Public Administration and Development Management.

The company has won the confidence of many Ethiopians as a whole and its stakeholders in particular. The tremendously increasing number of its student population from year to year and the feedback the company receives from its graduates as well as from the various government and non-government organizations contribute to the improvement of the programs and success of the institution.

After rigorously assessing its performance of over a decade long experience, AETSCO decided to realize its plan of expanding its services both qualitatively and quantitatively. Accordingly, various kinds of programs for both at a distance and regular (day and extension) students are offered. For the efficient realization of the company’s vision and mission, highly qualified and experienced professionals are brought together to constitute the core of Alpha University College.

Vision: Alpha University College Facebook

By 2025, Alpha University College envisions becoming a First Class University in Africa through providing quality education, research and expanding educational access.

Mission: Alpha University College Facebook

In its targeted mission, Alpha University College is committed to produce skilled professionals who contribute to the capacity-building endeavors of Ethiopia through providing relevant and quality education, conducting research and participating activity in community services.

Educational Goals: Alpha University College Facebook

Alpha University College has set the following goals for achieving its mission,

  • Create a democratic academic and administrative environment;
  • Offer relevant and quality undergraduate and postgraduate studies in the regular and distance programs;
  • Produce qualified, problem-solving and productive generation;
  • Conduct research that are problem solving and relevant to the country’s needs;
  • Conduct basic research to produce new and/or expand knowledge;
  • Engage in community services that benefit the community at large;
  • Expand opportunities of higher learning for marginalized sections of the society.

Values: Alpha University College Facebook

Alpha University College is commited to upholding the following core values,

  1. Academic freedom
  2. Academic excellence
  3. Honesty, integrity and ethical conduct
  4. Teamwork
  5. Tolerance and mutual respect
  6. Self initiative and creativity
  7. Reliance on authority of reason
  8. Efficiency
  9. Participatory and diversity
  10. Social responsibility and public service
  11. Quality
  12. Flexibility
  13. Continuous improvement
  14. Transparency and Accountability
  15. Recognition of merit

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Alpha University College

Debrezeit Road, in front of Global Hotel

P. O. Box 1237/5771

Telephone: 251-11-466-9692


Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.