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Aksum University:  Aksum University Ethiopia

Aksum University is a public University in Ethiopia. Under the Plan for Higher Education, it is one of the nation’s ten public higher educational institutions established after the establishment of the first generation Universities. Because of this, Aksum University possesses the title of Ethiopian’s Second generation learning institution, founded in 2007. The University’s name became Aksum University, so named for the Aksum town.

Aksum University is 1024 kilometers distance north from the capital city of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa. It is situated in Tigray, Central Zone and about 2.5 kilometers South West from the town of Aksum in an area of 107 hectares. The area is UNESCO’s world heritage site, the possible location of the Ark of covenant, famed for its giant granite stelae (sometimes called Obelisks). This makes the
University a unique and historic institution.

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