Admas University College Vacancy

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Admas University, which is one of the pioneer Private Higher Education Institutions in Ethiopia, commenced its operation in October 1998 under the name “Admas Business Training Centre.” The Training Centre then started delivering training services in certain tailor-made short-term programmes. By undertaking deep assessments of further training needs and making preparations in terms of the required human and material resources, the centre upgraded itself to a college status as of April 1999, and to the status of a University College as of March 2007. Finally, after ensuring that all the requirements of Higher Education Proclamation No. 650/2009 have been met, the Ministry of Education of F.D.R.E. granted full University status to Admas as of July 2014.

Since its establishment, the University has graduated more than 37,000 (thirty seven thousand) students in various fields of study with Degrees, Diplomas and Certificates in conventional regular & extension and distance modes from its campuses in Addis Ababa (4 campuses), Adwa, Dessie, Bishoftu, Hargeisa_ and from more than 60.

The Admas University College is accredited by Regional Educational Bureaus, Higher Education Relevance and Quality Agency (HERQA) and the Federal Ministry of Education of Ethiopia. It offers both on-campus education and distance learning in various programs. These courses are in turn offered at a number of levels: certificate, diploma and degree.

The University College has also started many e-Learning programs to develop the Ethiopian Higher Educational System. To reach these goals, it is currently working in partnership with internationally renowned institutions, such as Cisco and the University of Lübeck in Germany.

Admas has additional branches in Hargeisa and Garowe, situated in the autonomous Somaliland and Puntland regions of Somalia, respectively.
Contact us at: 0114665549