Admas University College Hargeisa

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Admas University College Hargeisa

The establishment of Admas HMC was a concrete step in the implementation of the franchise agreement/MOU signed between Mr. Ahmed Tahir Mohamed (as a franchisee of AUC-HMC) and Mr. Yibrah Girmay (as a franchisor). In accordance with the MOU/ franchise agreement between them emphasizes the need to strictly adhere standards of AUC in teaching Degree, Diploma, Certificate and that of Ethiopian Ministry of Education in TVET programs.

The AUC, HMC had first commenced operations in Hargeisa, Somaliland on September 20 /2006 with an intake of freshman students  registered for the bachelor program of the university college in two areas of  concentration:  Business administration and economics  lumped together under the umbrella name the faculty of Business and economics(FBE)  and information & communication technology faculty (ICT).Thus far these  two faculties  are operating in full swing with student population of  648  of both sexes (40% girls).Other faculties planned to commence operations in this  academic year 2008  ,  include the  faculty of English language Literature, and the faculty of law. Other faculties, notably the faculty of engineering and the school of medicine are also in the assembly line to be started in the forthcoming years. The college has also launched its distance learning program which is intended to cater the Somaliland population with university education level with out actually requiring them to attend regular classes of the university. This program will enable the young Somali-Landers and adults craving for university level education but lacking the opportunity due to their inability to actually attend the regular classes because they are employed or tied up to businesses in places prohibitively far  from the operating sites of the university college


 This is an exceptional opportunity for High School graduates in Somaliland, as it has never being offered university Degree in any part of the country by internationally recognized high learning institution. This University Project to be known as the Admas University College Hargeisa Main Campus is the first of its kind in the area of post secondary education. The Plan is to manage Hargeisa Main Campus of the Admas University College as a private higher learning institution owned and operated by Mr. Ahmed Tahir and his associates i.e. share holders. From business point view, the Hargeisa Branch will operate as cooperation with liabilities and managed by Mr. Ahmed Tahir or delegated and duly authorized person by him in consultation with his associates.



The vision of Admas University College, Hargeisa main Campus is the provision of quality education and satisfaction of the need of learners in Somaliland, so that ultimately it is possible to create competent graduates/Researchers with maximum devotion to fulfill social responsibilities by way of integrating theoretical and practical provision of education


Mission Statement

Create first-rate private university in Hargeisa by offering internationally recognized university degrees and certificates to Somaliland high school graduates in Hargeisa and other parts of the country. This opportunity will present a considerable savings to students traveling abroad to get post secondary education.



Most important goal of the Hargeisa Branch is to grant Degrees, Diplomas, and Certificates offered by the Admas University College in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Equally important goal is to train good portion of high school graduates from Hargeisa and its surroundings and also other parts of the country so that they become highly skilled experts in Business, Sciences, and technology.


The rationale behind this project is to build upon the expertise of the Admas University College and generate home-grown and internationally renowned skills for the society. Equally important is establishment a profitable private educational institutions thus creating value for owners, employees, and investors. The Hurgeisa Main Campus of the Admas University College has the following objectives:

Provide Ethiopian university education and degrees in Hargeisa

Offer this opportunity to at least four thousand students in the first four years

Open similar branches in other parts of the country