Adigrat University Registrar Office

Adigrat University Registrar Office

Adigrat University Registrar Office

Adigrat University is established in the beautiful town of Adigrat which is located approximately 900Kms from Addis Ababa: the capital. The town also owns the Addis Pharmaceutical Factory which gives service for almost the whole African countries. Adigrat is the centre of the corridor between Mekelle and Axum. This corridor is expected to be the main growth area of the region. The establishment of Adigrat University is taking this prediction towards reality, visioning greatly towards the sustainable development of the country.

Registrar Office

The Registrar’s office at the University of Adigrat is responsible for:

  • preparing and issuing the academic calendar
  • preparing and updating the admission prospectus and student handbooks
  • student admissions, placement & registration
  • giving orientation to new students
  • recording student’s academic performance
  • notifying students’ academic status
  • graduation based on types, programs and modes of delivery; ,
  • administering classrooms, lecture halls and laboratories utilization;
  • notifying academic rules and regulations
  • preparing & issuing transcripts and certificates to students as well as certifying any other related educational documents.
  • ensuring that laws & directives & guidelines on students curricula implementation are strictly observed
  • being responsible for the custody of the common seal of the University
  • Consult with Ministry of Education on intake capacity, admission, and set University wide general criteria for admission
  • Plans, organizes and undertakes student’s support activities.

If you have any queries please visit our main office or contact:

Main Registrar:

Mr. Tewoldebrhan G/Michael

Assistant Registrar:

Mr. Tesfalem Girmay