Addis Ababa University Email Address

Addis Ababa University Email Address

Addis Ababa University (AAU), which was established in 1950 as the University College of Addis Ababa (UCAA), is the oldest and the largest higher learning and research institution in Ethiopia. Since its inception, the University has been the leading center in teaching-learning, research and community services.

Beginning with enrollment capacity of 33 students in 1950, AAU now has 48,673 students (33,940 undergraduate, 13,000 Master’s and 1733 PhD students) and 6043 staff (2,408 academics and 3,635 support staff). In its 14 campuses, the University runs 70 undergraduate and 293 graduate programs (72 PhD and 221 Masters), and various specializations in Health Sciences.

Contact us

Admasu Tsegaye (PhD)

President, Addis Ababa University

Main Campus, Ras Mekonnen Bldg.


Telephone: +251-111-239 752/774

Fax: +251-111-239 768

P.O. Box: 1176, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


V/P for Research and Technology Transfer +251-111-239769
V/P for Administration and Student Services +251-111-239783
School of Social Work +251-111-225950
V/P for Institutional Development +251-111-231084
Academic Vice President +251-111-231088
President Office +251-111-239752
Addis Ababa University Press +251-111-239746
Addis Ababa University Registrar +251-111-239706
Budget Office +251-111-239727
Finance Office +251-111-223686
College of Social Sciences +251-111-239650
Procurement Office +251-111-225957
College of Education and Behavioral Studies +251-111-239780
College of Humanities, language Studies, Journalism and Communication +251-111-239721
College of Performing and Visual Arts +251-111-239713
College of Natural Sciences +251-111-239472
Communications Office +251-111-239705
College of Health Sciences +251-118-959055
Office of External Relations, Partnerships and Communications +251-111-239756
College of Veterinary Medicine and Agriculture +251-114-338450
Gender Office +251-111-233828
College of Development Studies +251-114-349392
ICT Office +251-111-223862
College of Business and Economics +251-111-229231