Addis Ababa Medical College Hargeisa

Addis Ababa Medical College Hargeisa

Addis-Ababa Medical University Collage (AAMUCH) Hargeisa Campus was founded in October 2008, though is the pioneer and the leading private medical university colleges in– Somaliland as well as Ethiopia.

Having its main campus in the city of Addis-Ababa Ethiopia, though the main campus operates in five major branches across Ethiopia and Somaliland, Namely Hawasa Ziway, Nasaret, Dire-Dawa and in the Somaliland capital Campus Hargeisa .

In all its campuses across Ethiopia and newly launched campus in 2008- Hargeisa Somaliland, has more than 5000 students and alumni in various department’s namely Public health, clinical Nursing, Midwifery, Pharmacy, Medical  Laboratory AND ICT.


Addis-Ababa Medical University Collage Hargeisa (AAMUCH ) Campus has offers modern classrooms, laboratories and E-Libraries” electronic library” It has an outstanding library with collection of more than 5.000 books.

All eligible academic programs maintain accreditation by the appropriate specialized accrediting bodies, namely, the HERQA ( Higher Education Relevant and quality Agency of Ethiopia), the Ministry of Education and higher, Ministry of Health – Somaliland and Ministry of education of Ethiopia,   to a award Baccalaureate level and TVET section of ministry of education of Ethiopia,  nevertheless the last graduate students have been awarded their bachelors from the    vice-president of Somaliland   Mudane Abdirahman ismail Saylici.

AAMUCH- is also a member of Ethiopian private higher educational institutions association, and become a center of educational excellence and research providing unparalleled opportunities, laid on the firm bedrock of education, information and investment. AAMUCH helps both Somaliland and Ethiopian youths conduct a strong career and a solid enduring future.