Adama University Ict

Adama University Ict

ICT Directorate


A model center that excels in ICT infrastructure for academic, research and community service in Africa.


  • Creating a conducive teaching-learning, research, community service, management, and administration environment with ICT support.
  • Providing reliable and adequate network infrastructure.
  • Automating teaching-learning process.
  • On-time user support.
  • Delivering fast and reliable Internet and Intranet service on 24/7 for ASTU communities.
  • Automating business process
  • Securing ASTU network from any treats internal or external.
  • Ensuring the quality of ASTU ICT equipments.
  • ICT consultancy and training.
  • Conducting research in ICT.
  • Delivering ICT research outcomes, and professional application software’s.

Mandate Analysis

  • Exclusively managing, insuring quality, monitoring and maintenance of any ICT related equipments.
  • Discarding any ICT equipments should be approved by ICT Directorate.
  • Any application software’s that are installed on ASTU ICT equipments should get the approval of ICT Directorate.
  • Preparing ICT Policies, standards and guidelines.
  • Request for any proprietary application software’s and operating systems should be first approved by ICT before further processing.
  • Managing, maintaining, upgrading and expanding of the network infrastructure, ICT Pools, SMART Rooms.


Faculties /  Schools: Adama University
  •  School of Civil Engineering and Architecture
  • School Of Mechanical, Chemical & Materials Engineering
  • School Of Electrical Engineering & Computing
  • School Of Applied Natural Science
  • School of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (SoLS)

Adama University Ict

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