flying mission services botswana

Flying Mission Services Botswana


Flying Mission Services is based in Botswana and provides flight and maintenance services throughout Southern Africa. The heart of FMS is to generate enough income through commercial operations to not only sustain its own ministry and operations but also to provide subsidised flights for missionaries and to support the broader ministries of Flying Mission. This new paradigm in mission aviation is an exciting step away from donor reliance and toward sustainability.

There are three primary ways that FMS generates these funds:

  • Charter Flights โ€“ FMS offers on-demand charter flights from Gaborone and Maun to points throughout Southern Africa. Many of these flights are flown from our secondary base in Maun to safari camps in the Okavango Delta.
  • Air Ambulance Service โ€“ FMS holds the exclusive contract with the Botswana Ministry of Health to provide emergency air ambulance service to hospitals throughout the country.
  • Maintenance & Other Aviation Services โ€“ FMS operates a fully licensed aircraft repair facility and has recently opened an aircraft maintenance training program.

Delivering Change

in Botswana through:

  • life saving air ambulance service
  • financial support of other ministries
  • personal ministry to clients, patients, and many others

While FMS is enthusiastic in its ability to support and enable other ministries, it unreservedly views its own work as ministry as well. The air ambulance service for the critically ill offers a hope of healing for those without other options. Fruits can be seen stemming from the lifestyle evangelism of FMS by its Christian presence and integrity in the business world. Opportunities for FMS staff to minister to local staff, clients, air ambulance patients, and many others present themselves daily. We at FMS are excited that through our ministry we are able to deliver change to other ministries as well as to the country of Botswana.