2016 application graduation university botswana ub

2016 Application for Graduation University of Botswana (UB)

Call for 2016 Applications for Graduation

Dated : 24.05.2016

Application for Graduation:

Any student whose record indicates that s/he is within one semester of graduation must complete a graduation application form from the link graduation application form to let the Student Records Office know s/he will be eligible for graduation in October 2016 upon successful completion of 2015/16 semester two through an application form completed and sent to: studentrecords@mopipi.ub.bw.

N.B: Those who completed in December 2015 are also supposed to apply for graduation.

Graduation Date Online Application
8th October 2016 (to be confirmed) February 4th , 2016 May 31st , 2016

Evaluation for graduation eligibility

This process will start immediately after the results have been published on the 15th June 2016.

Official Transcripts

Please note that transcripts will only be available after the evaluation process has been completed. Dates for collection of official transcripts are as below and any changes regarding these dates will be communicated through this platform and other available media platforms:

Humanities 4th, 5th, 6th & 7th July
All Diplomas 11th, 12th , 13th , & 14th July
Science, Health Science & FET 20th , 21st & 22nd July
Social Sciences 25th , 26th , 27th & 28th July
Education 1st, 2nd , 3rd & 4th August
Medicine 8th & 9th August
Business 10th , 11th , 12th & 15th August
PGDE 16th , 17th & 18th August

N.B: Graduation application is not meant for only those people who will be physically at the stadium for the graduation ceremony but for all those who will be part of the graduation cohort of October 2016 in order to help the Student Records Office to process your official transcripts well in time.


These will be collected immediately after the graduation ceremony. Venues for collection will be availed in due course.

For PostGraduate Students: Letters of awards should be submitted to Block 139 Office 103 for processing of their transcripts.

To All Students: Please make sure that your names in ASAS are correct and are according to how you will want to see them in your certificates based on your admissions letter. Additions or updating of names after completion of a programme is not allowed. Corrections can be made in Block 139 room 111 during the course of the semester.