Universities In Ethiopia

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Universities In Ethiopia

Adama University

Addis Ababa Science and Technology University

Addis Ababa University

Adigrat University

Aksum University

Ambo University College

Arba Minch University

Assosa University

Bahir Dar University

Bule Hora University

Debre Birhan University

Debre Markos University

Dilla University

Dire Dawa University

Gonder University

Haramaya University

Hawassa (Debub) University

Jijiga University

Jimma University

Mada Walabu University

Mekelle University

Mizan Tepi University

Semera University

Wachamo University

Wolaita Sodo University

Woldiya University

Wollega University

List of Private Higher Education Institutions in Ethiopia

Addis Bible College

Unity College Addis Ababa

Hilcoe College Addis Ababa

CPU College Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa Medical CollegeHargeisa

25Omega Health College Addis Ababa
1Admas University Collegehttp://www.au.edu.etAddis Ababa
2Addis Collegehttp://www.aau.edu.etAddis Ababa
3Africa Beza Collegehttp://www.africabezauc.edu.et/Addis Ababa
4Alkan Health Science CollegeAddis Ababa
5Alpha University Collegehttp://www.alphauniversitycollege.edu.et/Addis Ababa
6Bethel Medical Collegehttp://www.bethelhospital.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=77&Itemid=92Addis Ababa
7ECUSTA Higher Leadership Institutehttp://www.ecustaedu.org/Addis Ababa
8Ethiopia Distance CollegeAddis Ababa
9Central Health Collegehttp://www.centralhealthcollege.edu.et/Addis Ababa
10City University CollegeAddis Ababa
11CPU Business and Technology Collegehttp://www.cpu.edu.et/index.htmAddis Ababa
12Dynamic International University CollegeAddis Ababa
13Hayat Medical collegeAddis Ababa
14HILCOE Computer Science and Technology Collegehttp://www.hilcoe.net/Addis Ababa
15Hamlin College of Midwifryhttp://hamlinfistulausa.org/our-activities/hamlin-college-of-midwives/Addis Ababa
16International Leadership Institutehttp://www.ili.edu.et/Addis Ababa
17Keamed Medical CollegeAddis Ababa
18Medco biomedical Collegehttp://medcobiomed.com/Addis Ababa
19Mekane Yesus Management and Leadership Collegehttp://www.myes.org/leadandman.htmlAddis Ababa
20Microlink Information Technology Collegehttp://www.microlink.edu.etAddis Ababa
21National Aviation Collegehttp://nationalaviationcollege.com/Addis Ababa
22Orbit Information Technology CollegeAddis Ababa
23PESC Information Systems Collegehttp://pesccollege.com/Addis Ababa
24Rift Valley Collegehttp://riftvalleyuniversity.net/Addis Ababa
25Royal University CollegeAddis Ababa
26SriSai Collegehttp://www.srisaicollege.edu.et/Addis Ababa
27St Mary University Collegehttp://www.smuc.edu.et/Addis Ababa
28Techzone Engineering and Business Collegehttp://www.techzonecollege.com/Addis Ababa
29Unity University Collegehttp://www.uuc.edu.et/Addis Ababa
302020 Open Collegehttp://www.2020opencollege.edu.et/Addis Ababa
31Micro Business CollegeAmbo
32Infolink CollegeHawassa
33Mekelle Institute of Technologyhttp://www.mitethiopia.edu.et/Mekelle
34Sheba Collegehttp://www.suc.edu.et/Mekelle
35Paradise Valley CollegeShashemene
36Ethiopia Adventist Collegehttp://eac.edu.et/Shashemene
37Furra CollegeYirgalem
38 Addis Continental College http://www.addiscontinental.edu.et/